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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It feels good at either end.

Ben, gynecological warning. Don't read.

I was thinking about  Freecycle the other day and if you don't know what it is, check it out.    Freecycle says nothing is too small to give away and yep,  I'd never have thought about giving away  a ham bone with some meat still on it - but you know people are in need, real need. 

You're, it's  too small who'd want it,  might be someone's hearty bean soup enough to  feed their whole family for two days.  

This year I gave away a lot.  A lot of cookbooks, a painful amount actually.  I also gave away clothes I could no longer wear and and a ton of scrubs.  The scrubs I remember especially because a gal from the Camden Animal Shelter came and picked them up.  They use them for spaying and neutering clinics that they set up in abandoned crack houses.  That may seem odd if you don't know Camden; not so odd if you do. 

I also gave away leather sofa and love seat in great condition to a young couple who had just moved into an apartment without a stick of furniture.  They responded to my post in less then five minutes; they must have been sitting on the computer (for lack of a chair) waiting for a horizontal surface.

I've requested things too.   You don't get everything you want.  I'm still trying to get a trench coat.  And a large leather purse.  And that large size leather Filofax.... But I did get an old fashioned non-electric typewriter that my kid wants for Christmas; and I had it about a day and a half after he was musing about really wanting one...  How amazing is that?

Oh and there are no girly mommy  parts in this post - I just don't want my kid to know about the type writer....

And then there's these...

button tin

Well, not the tin although it's nice.

vintage buttons tin


That's the second time I asked for old buttons for crafting and got a response. 

So be sure to check out Freecycle and if there isn't one in your area contact them  - You might be able to start one up.  Dealing with Freecycle feels good on either end.


Babes Mami 12/23/10, 6:40 PM  

I have so many buttons and beads that I need to get rid of. Look for them headed your way in the next few weeks! (maybe call it the next month just to be safe).

Lin 12/23/10, 8:03 PM  

Okay, okay. I'll ask my mom for her damn buttons.

Hey, Merry Christmas, pally! I sure hope Santa brings you a whole lot more than buttons! ;)

Give Ginger a big Christmas kiss for me. Oh, and Tazzy too. :)

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 12/24/10, 3:10 PM  

I love Freecycle! I've received some wonderful things and have been able to bless others with things we no longer needed too.

Merry Christmas! :)

Mommy Kennedy 12/26/10, 6:24 PM  

I'm with Storm!

I was able to start a coupon exchange in my area by requesting unwanted coupons.

It's been fun to exchange clothes, toys, baby item, coupons, and more with people from my area.

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