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Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm just addicted.

Don't yell at me; it's about planners again but look at it before you judge.

It's a black patent leather Filofax with Sworovski crystals; I found it on the UK site.

Here's what they say about something I love like I gave birth to it:

 Prepare to be dazzled (and I am, I am ) by the Filofax special edition personal organiser, embellished with dazzling CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements.  The inside of the organiser is lined with sumptuous cream pigskin suede and contains luxury cream diary pages, dividers, address pages and organiser stationery.  Presented in an elegant black giftbox, only 400 of these stunning organisers were produced for the UK! Width 117mm, height 145mm 

 It's been reduced from a heart-stopping 157 pounds ($243 US)  to an only semi-heart stopping 78.50 pounds ($121.50 US) and I'm cursing my lack of disposable income with every ounce of strength I've got; which isn't so much because I haven't taken a breath since eye-ballin' the planner of my dreams. 

I'm about to faint.

That thing is perfection in black patent leather and sparkle.  I'd wear that thing.


Lynette 12/18/10, 7:11 AM  

I have to have a lil calender for my blog...honestly I do.....but luck and my budget had it at $1 from dollar general. LOL Cute is pink.

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