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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ginger eats dryer sheets

I got away from making my own laundry detergent a while back but recently someone yelled from the laundry room, Do we have fabric softener?

And I thought to myself, We never had to add fabric softener when I was making it.  And I was right.  So then I thought to myself, Why am I not making it and duh, make the stuff again you're spending so much extra money on something that doesn't work as well oh! I think the chicken's burning. I better get down there.

Yeah.  It was kind of a free association thing but the gist was why had I stopped?  And I couldn't answer myself.  So I started making my own laundry detergent again.

The recipe is simple, three (or four) ingredients and cheaper in the long run so Ta-Da!  Here's the recipe:

2 cups Fels Naptha Soap (grated fine)
1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup Borax

Optional - 1 cup of oxyclean powder. (I add this)

The bar soap doesn't have to be Fels Naptha - but it's the only one I can find - although it smells really, really nice.  Lemony,  fresh... Very nice.    I'd love to try the pink Zote.

If you can't find the ingredients,  don't have a food processor (or don't want to hand grate the soap), you can order this kit from Soaps Gone Buy.


I purchased everything locally.

The 76 ounce size of Borax I bought was around five dollars
The 55 ounce size of Washing Soda was around four dollars
The Fels Naptha per bar cost was about a dollar fifty and I use two per batch.

Now, you will up the cost if you use the Oxyclean which was around ten dollars but it's optional.

Math isn't my forte  - I could be wrong about this whole calculamationathing. Numbers don't make too much sense to me but -  I think this amount of Borax, Washing Soda and Oxyclean will make about ten batches (of five cups each).

And there's  a lot of laundry to be done per batch because you only need one or two tablespoons per load.  Plus, I don't recall clothes coming out of the dryer feeling like Popsicle sticks when I used it so no dryer sheets; Ka Ching! Saved money in dryer sheets.

That might seem incidental but not having to buy dryer sheets is a really good thing.  Ginger loves them; she finds them tasty.

ginger coat

But only for a while.

After she's done with them, I find them with my bare feet.

And they are not nearly as fresh as when they went in.


Anonymous,  12/16/10, 10:36 AM  

this sounds like a great idea - saves money and you don't need to buy those expenside dryer sheets. We've been adding baking soda to our washer and eliminated dryer sheets.

P.s. One thing dryer sheets are good for is keeping mice from nesting in your garage rags- they apparently hate the smell.

Vonlipi 12/16/10, 11:39 AM  

Ok this will be my first New Year resolution! I will make my soap in 2011!

Ginger and the fabric softener sheets is just too funny! Give her an extra treat, she's so adorable!

Lin 12/16/10, 8:10 PM  

Did they give her fresh breath? :)

What's with the model pose on Ginger???! Dang! She looks FAB in that coat!

Babes Mami 12/16/10, 8:18 PM  

LOVING Ginger's jacket!

Lynette 12/18/10, 7:12 AM  

i heard of this...but dang it just does not help to hang dryer sheets on the clothes line with my clothes....hummmmmm wonder why? LOL

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