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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few gift sources

Do me a favor and don't read this.


1. Free Christmas Music Downloads - There are a lot of whole CD's on Amazon to be had for FREE.  Don't know if you knew that but take a look here .

2.  If Christmas Music isn't your thing there's tons of other music downloads here and it's easy as pie.  I've downloaded and transferred to CD some of it already and wow, how much better does it get then free?

3. Kodak Photo Books - I just made a Recipe Photo Book from this last Thanksgiving.  It was fun, really really fun!   I'm seriously considering getting together every bathtub picture I ever took of my kid and putting them together in one book just to, ya know, torture him. 

4.  Freecycle -  My son wants a few things that aren't that easy to find and since he reads my blog I can't tell you what they are but damn if I didn't throw a request out on Freecycle and the next thing I knew I'm picking up that never-mind!  Who knew?

*Kodak gave me gift for trying the SMARTFIT technology at the Kodak Gallery.*


Lynette 12/5/10, 5:17 PM  

good job....keep it up and you will be wearing the hose and gloves to go with the pearls and
freecycle...can't get on the closest one here...have tried.....dang it.

Babes Mami 12/5/10, 7:22 PM  

I love freecycle!

Nessa 12/6/10, 1:44 PM  

I'm a Freecycle Moderator and I both hate and love the concept. Love the whole idea behind it, hate the drama we see in the big local groups. A bigger bunch or crybabies I have never seen in my life.

Lynette if there's not a group close that you can get on, ask to have one created at You can even volunteer to run it if you have the time. It's easy and takes very little time.

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