The Crazy Suburban Mom: Christmas Round-up, a Blizzard and some pantaloons thrown in....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Round-up, a Blizzard and some pantaloons thrown in....

1.  Christmas - What a  great day. I thought the best part would be giving my son  the vintage manual typewriter I found on Freecycle


(pic from his blog)

And in many ways it was; especially the look on his face.  That look of Holy Crap! My Mom really is magic and psychic like she says and oh! What the heck else does she know...
That never gets old.

He never thought getting a manual typewriter was  possible.  He calls the thing analog.  I don't even think that terminology fits; analog the way he probably means being a long way off but I don't think his brain can comprehend something that antiquated.    

He sent a picture of the typewriter to a friend who asked, "What's that Windows 98?"

Which I found hysterical. 

Yes Ben, your mom lived in a time even before Windows 98.  In fact I walked twenty miles to school in snow up to my pantaloons and ate my breakfast of gruel with a spoon I whittled myself.  Verily.  

2.  The Blizzard of 2010 last night -  That stopped the festivities pretty much and overnight it actually did snow up to my pantaloons.


Which is a lot.    I'm not sure how much but when it's higher then the dog and I have to shovel out a place for her to doody;  how much in inches doesn't matter.

3.  The Snow day Sleepover  - A whole lot of teenage all over all night.

Which was fine with me, I didn't want any of them driving in that mess outside.  When I woke up every chair, every bit of sofa... the floor...  was covered with a teen  or teenphrenalia.

Last night they showed up with snacks but I offered to make them popcorn.  They said they had microwave popcorn.  I suggested that popcorn not only came from microwave ovens  but from popcorn.  

Obviously a new idea.

They were upset that I'd go to that much trouble.   Trouble?   A few tablespoons of oil in a large pot, cover the bottom with kernels and shake - shake - shake?  They drove here in a blizzard and - shake - shake - shake is trouble?

Oh my.   I made them the real  popcorn which had never seen the inside of a microwave - something I don't think they'd eaten before, salted it,  melted some butter over it for them and went to bed.

I think they liked it, the giant bowl was empty in the morning.


Which is more then I can say for my living room but as long as they had fun and were safe I'm good with that. 


Ben Reinhardt 12/27/10, 6:03 PM  

Oh I know analog is the incorrect name for it. I just call vintage technology analog :P

Maureen 12/27/10, 6:57 PM  

How cool is that! The typewriter I mean.

We got the snow too and one of my cats was edging along my patio door in a snow drift this afternoon - poor guy was almost buried!

Babes Mami 12/27/10, 8:33 PM  

You're the best mom!

Lin 12/27/10, 9:50 PM  

Where was Ginger for that madness??!

Lynette 12/27/10, 10:43 PM  

CG so loves to have family night that she got us a popcorn maker for a present one Christmas. We have a big ol pot with lid and a handle that stirs so we don't have to do the shake shake shake anymore. LOL

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