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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Son of Dear Santa,

Besides the meat whacker and rack I asked for yesterday I'd like:

A kitchen sink.


I don't want to look down at this monstrosity first thing every morning; and this is it clean.  I guess the fiberglass wore off or something because white is a thing of the past - Enough already.  I can't get into all things Flylady and I don't know if a shiny sink is the be all end all but this sink is a giant drain on my serotonin.

Santa, please drop off a sink.

Grass for my backyard.


And not the crabby kind.

The backyard isn't part of the maintenance fee so I pay extra for the lawn guys to 'do' the back yard.  They sprinkle something twice a year to fertilize, and seed, and mow but every year, year after year the crab grass comes back lush and healthy.  And the ground is still molding, Lawn Guys.  

P. S. Lawn Guys, Ginger hates you.

Santa, Drop some grass seed while you're flying over my lawn and if Reindeer Poop is good fertilizer have them drop something as well...

The perfect purse.

Ah, Santa.  I don't even have a picture because I don't even know which one it is even after a lifetime of searching.  Except it's really, really huge and if I fill it, it will likely disable me.

And it's got a nice shoulder drop. Something for a women with an upper arm, please.    And pockets.  And inside compartments.  And fabulously soft leather.  And throw in a few gift cards.

A new Filofax.

And yes I know, another one but I can't help myself, Santa.  So since I'm asking I want a leather A5 size planner with BIG rings.  And a snap closure. Over an inch rings please - because what good is a planner if you can't put a thousand pages in?

Oh and the thousand refill pages too, please.  Those things are expensive.

And ask Filofax why they don't make more with big rings, like they used to?  I think my quest for big rings leaves me with an A5 Finsbury which comes in Aqua and is quite lovely.

For Audrey.

Because Santa, contrary to popular belief  - You can never have enough nail polish.
P.S. For Audrey would totally rock Mrs. Claus


Maureen 11/23/10, 11:26 AM  

Ohhhhh's planner time already!

Lin 11/23/10, 10:11 PM  

Does Ginger wanna come over here?? We have nice grass. The secret is putting seed down in the fall, so that it can germinate over the winter. Also, you have to put down crab grass killer in spring. It takes some work, but I think it can be done. Poor, poor Ginger. :(

lee 11/23/10, 11:18 PM  

i found the latest in a long line of "perfect purses". it's at

and it's on its way to me! i got the black.

Lynette 11/24/10, 4:20 AM  

there is one perfect purse...oh no....that is like one pair of shoes or lord forbid...eating one candy bar....nope gotta go for the masses on this one.

Babes Mami 11/24/10, 10:24 PM  

I am loving that polish color!

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