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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rip off on Retro Tuesday

I had really high hopes for a great new find this Retro Tuesday. The find of all finds...  There is a shop in Cape May that I kept missing, it looked like a junk shop and every time I passed, it was closed.  That place was my mission this trip.

And that'll teach me.

So I get there and finally - FINALLY!- It's open!  I jump out of the car, run in and yep, it looks like every estate sale called a 'digger's delight' - What I mean by that, if you've never gone to a digger's delight, is that it was dirty, dusty, it looked like you had to dodge spiders if you wanted to find any treasures.

And I'm not kidding, after one digger's delight I was picking spiders out of my van for weeks.  So.

The first thing I see is little (make that Little with a capital L) jars of buttons for oh, way, way too much money and I know I'm in trouble.   One small jar - and it was a crappy jar - a quarter full of junky rhinestone buttons for are ya ready for this cause I wasn't...   TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.  I almost vomited.

No. I  really I did.  I ate way too much the whole time.  So much so that the last night when the waitress set my New England Clam Chowder a foot from my face I had to leave.  I seriously thought I was going to toss a lunch monkey on my unsuspecting dinner companions... And then I thought I would heave in the elevator and for sure all over the room...

All in all not a good night.

So I was half ready to puke from night one anyway - Night one was the seafood buffet where I ate my weight in fried shrimp and clam strips -  and seeing those ten crummy buttons for twenty-five bucks almost sent me over a pukey precipice.

Being a trooper I forged ahead, stopping at the glassware.  But honestly - by that time I knew I was cooked and the kindly old lady behind the counter counted on the vacationing rubes to make a living.  When I saw what she was selling and for what I was ready to laugh out loud; kind of a sort of cross between the noise a cornered, deranged hyena would make and something much more darkly psychotic. 

I've blanked out most of it but you all know this pyrex set....

Well she didn't have the whole set.  She had the green bowl - Poor pitiful thing that it was, all scratched and beaten.  I almost wept. 

Twenty bucks.  That kindly grandma wanted twenty bucks for the green bowl...  Poor thing.  The bowl, not the grandma.  Grandma, despite appearances to the contrary, was not poor.

And next to the Pyrex was some Jadeite, just a few pieces and in better shape but no.  Just no.  I only looked at one coffee cup and it had a price tag of Twenty Bucks too.  Clearly they only had one price there.

It wasn't $20 Jadeite either....  just in case anyone was wondering...

I looked around but it was a really laughable experience.  I saw a cool but trashed vintage chair that I would have maybe taken home and tried to fix if it was five bucks and not OVER A HUNDRED.  And two vintage pole lamps without prices;  one with the coolest shades in orange, turquoise and white but they were just trashed.

So all in all it was a success because I don't have to go on thinking about that place anymore but a total failure because what a disaster.  Plus all that nausea has finally subsided.

If you want to check out some bloggers who did much better then me recently - Scarborough Seashells found the dining room set of my dreams...  And Vonlipi found a sofa to die for.  And Martin from Fine Estate Sales who has blogged here and has treasures on his site.


Lynette 11/2/10, 11:59 AM  

Hey found a corning ware cornflower tea pot here in town for $12.00. Would that make you feel a lil better?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/2/10, 12:06 PM  

Only if I lived by you, Lynette :)

Lin 11/2/10, 6:58 PM  

I wouldn't know what a good price is on any of that stuff, so Granny would have got me I guess. Or not. I don't see spending that kind of dough on used stuff. Maybe she just wanted to haggle.

Anonymous,  11/4/10, 6:22 AM  

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