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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Retro Tuesday on Wednesday and the art of feminine finesse...

It's Retro Tuesday but Wednesday and I wanted to do a makeup thing but no, no, no, don't go yet if you hate make up....  About a year ago I found this personalized Beauty Analysis someone had sent away for probably sixty plus years ago, at a garage sale.  I  found some other (probably professional salon) stuff I totally coveted but when push came to shove the woman couldn't part with it and felt so bad she gave me the personalized Beauty Analysis for free.

larger images of all if you click

The analysis is pages (and pages) long - reams of yellowed, typed - and I mean individually typed by a living breathing person typed.  From the looks of the intro page someone could take a course (monthly lessons) to achieve "an individual and even more attractive you."


The analysis isn't dated and the only thing I could find out about Renee Long is that she wrote a book published in 1939 called  Style Your Personality: The Art of Feminine Finesse.  Dating what I have is a bit difficult and at first I thought it was fifties or sixties but looking through it again, I'm sure it's much older.  

She refers to Constance Bennett and Carole Lombard as examples of "Square Face Types" and Carole Lombard was dead by 1942.  Constance Bennett lived much longer but I think her hey-day was the forties and back... 


It's an interesting bit of life/beauty info about back then.  Seems what woman did to look lovelier involved sucking it in.  Mostly. 

Foundations were the bomb and Yo, does this girdle make my ass look fat?  Was the question on everyone's hips.  Err, lips.

And minimizing minimizing minimizing...  So basically things (make that women) haven't changed all that much.

And go check out my Retro Tuesday friend Miss V at Vonlipi's Favorites - She  truly ebodies the art of feminine finesse and has a wicked way with Pyrex... like nobodies business...


Christy 11/11/10, 12:54 PM  

My son Brae, he is 7, desperately wants a working typewriter. My Mom had one and we searched for ribbon for it, it worked for maybe two lines and then broke. I wonder what he would write about? I should have him record himself rambling. :)

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