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Friday, November 5, 2010

duly noted and forwarded to the appropriate individuals

I have another customer service letter.   In October I wrote to A & P Supermarkets and I'm going to be honest, I don't remember exactly what I said because it was one of those fill-ins - not an email - but the gist (as I recall) was despite the hoopla they are making about The Lower Price Project, their prices are far from the lowest - even far from just lower.

And then I got off on this tangent which ended up being my main point.  Kelly Ripa.

I think she's bubbly, adorable and very, very likable but every time I look at her on their home page I see that Electolux kitchen of hers in my head that cost more - in my imagination - then my house and - in my imagination - she got it for free.

And so, there she is on the A & P Supermarkets home page, a Lower Price Project Grocery Bag slung over one wrist like a bangle - in skinny designer jeans, and not - a really expensive looking - blond hair out of place and the kicker - stilettos.

Because I know I always shop in stilettos. 

And my tangent - as I recall - was,  What about that image would make me want to shop there?  Besides the fact that she is indeed appealing.  Granted.  As I said, adorable.  But relatable - To me. Oh.  No.  Just no.

I suppose they are appealing to a modern, young, multi-tasking professional mom but um, have they been to their stores lately, I asked.  At least I think I asked.  In any case the question begs to  be asked.   I shop there every week and have never seen a single person in stilettos shopping there - Or working there. 

I just think they missed the boat.  You know what  multi-tasking is to the average mom, A&P?  

- It's trying to find three minutes to sit on a toilet by yourself without a toddler so you can write a shopping list, get your coupons together and make sure you don't have to tweeze any chin hairs...

-  It's making a dinner everyone will eat (HA!) in a kitchen way worse then an Electorlux one, while making sure three kids don't kill each other, dismantle the entertainment center, put a crack through the new flat-screen that everyone will say, He did it! about,  and make sure the oldest one doesn't talk the youngest kid into going out the front door... 

-  It's kind of like when my son was a baby and I would stand on the deck and breast feed him while throwing the frisbee for two 60 pound dogs while doing weekly menu planning in my head.

Of course now that he's nineteen that doesn't apply so now  it's more like I walk around the lawn in golf shoes to aerate the soil while picking up dog doody and listening to some classic literature I downloaded for free because free - Now that's  a lower price project.  

  The economy is killing people and no matter how likable Kelly Ripa is - and again, she is - people don't need adorable, they need relief.   Relief is really what I can relate to. 

This was the response I got - and I wouldn't call what I said  constructive criticism to be honest. Constructive Criticism implies I was kind about it and I was probably more frustrated and I think it also implies the other party will make changes - which I also don't think.  I felt this response was a bit canned and I thought a month about answering back and just decided to answer back  in another way.  

Dear Ms. Reinhardt,
Thank you for your recent correspondence, we were sorry to learn of the problems that prompted you to contact us.

We are always pleased to hear from our customers and are especially pleased when customers take the time to share their positive comments with us. However, we are equally concerned when customers may have been dissatisfied with their shopping experience in our stores.

Please know your comments have been duly noted and forwarded to the appropriate individuals in our Company for their information and attention.

Constructive criticism is a great aid in making improvements and facilitating changes - we appreciate your input. Once again, thank you for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to address this matter.

Always a pleasure to serve you,
Consumer Service Representative
Ref. #552853

I took out the person's name but left the ref# just in case they want to follow up on themselves because my comments were apparently how did she put it - duly noted and forwarded to the appropriate individuals in our Company for their information and attention.

So if they need to find the person who duly noted and paid attention they now can. 

 *As an FYI -  the stilettos in the picture on the home page - They look quite a bit like a pair of Balenciaga black patent leather platform pumps which retail for roughly $700.  Now, you can't see them very well and the photoshopping is dreadful so I'm going to err on the side of good taste and believe in my heart that no one would deem wearing a pair of $700 shoes in an ad touting lower prices was a good relatable  idea and  forever think to myself that Kelly was wearing a pair of really uncomfortable heels that cost five bucks or less from the shoe place in the strip mall down the road... and call it a day *


Leah 11/5/10, 12:45 PM  

6 People just gave me strange looks as I loudly gave you a standing ovation for this post!
Now, please excuse me while I attempt to rescue my reputation as the sane person in the office.

Maureen 11/5/10, 1:30 PM  

Good for you! We all need to speak up more. I wonder if you will hear from anyone else?

Lindalou 11/5/10, 1:40 PM  

Brilliant communication to A&P. Just too bad they didn't all.

Loved the visual of you on your deck breastfeeding and throwing a frisbee. So funny.

Babes Mami 11/5/10, 3:44 PM  

That sounds like faaaabulous customer service. Maybe they will forward it to Kelly!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/5/10, 4:06 PM  

Leah, LOL, thank you :)

Maureen - I would probably hear if I wrote but you know I hate taking the time to communicate and getting back a standard form letter. It makes no sense and its inconsiderate

Lindalou - It was true - about the deck ...quite a sight I imagine.

Babes- lol, I don't even blame her - she is what she is and thats why they picked her - shes just I don't know not quite right for what they were going for - to me anyway

Vonlipi 11/5/10, 4:08 PM  

I'm so glad you complained! Too bad they sent you the standard: Thank you for your comment, we care and we'll fix it letter. Translation: we don't care, her shoes are hot and sex sells!

I like Kelly Rippa a lot too and I would like to be a fly and spy on how she runs her household (probably with a lot of help)

lee 11/5/10, 5:27 PM  

i ALWAYS wear my expensive stripper shoes when i grocery stop. i look hot and it's so much easier to reach stuff on the top shelf! NOT! besides, i would have a hard time finding a pair to coordinate with my sweatpants.

i used to have the theme from "bewitched" as my cell ringtone. so every time her stupid electrolux commercial come on, i would jump up like an idiot looking for my phone.

that's why i hate kelly ripa.

Lynette 11/5/10, 7:09 PM  

Sweetheart, put on your best heels, a string of pearls and go shopping...ha ha....once we pay for the heels and pearls no $ for food. But A&P...We lost that chain in Texas when I was in high school......a long long long time ago. But do they still have the coffee grinders at the end of the counters. Smelt so so good. They must be the cause of my addiction.

Ruth 11/6/10, 2:51 AM  

I love Kelly Ripa, I think she's adorable...HATE the TD Bank commercials though, I think they make Regis look stupid. I know they're meant to be funny, but still...

SEVEN HUNDRED BUCKS for SHOES?????? OMG no way no how never in my wildest dreams.....Last shoes I bought were sneakers for my son, got them at Walmart--nearly died when they rang up $30, I was expecting maybe $10-15. Upper limit for shoes to me is $35, maybe $40. Yeah, I know, I'm cheap that way.

Gabriele Agustini 11/6/10, 11:04 AM  

That letter pissed me off!
But the visual of you breast-feeding your son and throwing a Frisbee to your dog, cracked me up!!
Now I'm good again. :)
Keep us posted, if you hear anything else from those people! (I probably shouldn't hold my breath.)

Lin 11/6/10, 7:54 PM  

Hey! That's almost the same response I got from!! I think they call that the "1-800-#-Sand" reply. Ugh.

Sigh. Oh well, they probably generated that letter in India or the Philippines.

Mommy Kennedy 11/6/10, 8:08 PM  

Thank you so much for making me laugh! Just too funny (as usual)!

I've gotta stumble this post!

I've read your blog in the past but I'm now officially your newest GFC follower. Feel free to follow back if you would like:

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 11/7/10, 12:36 AM  

I read this post last night, and today at Target was a woman in designer jeans, expensive stiletto heeled boots, handing over a pile of coupons - and three kids in tow. I totally thought of this post when I spotted her. lol

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