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Monday, November 22, 2010

Random chickeny information and meat whackers

Random chickeny stuff today and my Christmas Kitchen Wish List (if my family reads my blog and most don't and I find that so odd - but what evs....)  For the last two months when I get a good sale on boneless chicken breasts I've been putting them in a ziploc and pounding the heck out of them before freezing them and Holy Scallopini, Batman!  Why didn't I do for the last eight feet three hundred inches of years?

The result:

1. Freezes flat but then can stand up like little frozen chicken breast soldiers ready to go into cooking battle.
2. Thaws like nobodies business in a pot of cold water (microwave thawing is more like microwave stewing).
3.  The resulting flattened cutlets cook evenly in a more then timely manner and Boy Howdy! about that...
D.  The are so easy to bread or..
5.  Slice for stir frying or
6.  Poach for sandwiches or...
G.  Holy Poultry anything!
8.  And a random boneless, skinless aside - The best stuff to make breadcrumbs stick to skinless chicken is Hellman's Mayo.   Juicy is all I got to say.

And on to my gift list.

1.  I need a meat whacker -  what do you call those things that flatten meat?  Because meat whacker sounds wrong, just really, really wrong.

2.  I need a rack that goes onto a roasting pan so your whacked meat doesn't sit in it's, juices.

This is getting worse and worse.

3.  I need a meat thermometer.  I left my electronic one out in the rain and it's dead now and I'm a nut about underdone poultry. 


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 11/22/10, 2:01 PM  

I am laughing laughing laughing! So sorry that your family doesn't know you want a MEAT WHACKER!!! :)) BTW, great idea about freezing chicken pieces!

J Sedai 11/22/10, 3:33 PM  

my meat whacker is called, a cast iron skillet. cause I am not a fan of gadgets. just saying.

and you need a broiling pan, it comes with 2 parts, a slotted pan to place your meat on and a under pan to catch juices ( I also use the under pan to put liquid in for helping to steam the meat while cooking so it doesnt' dry out if I"m actually broiling it).

Lin 11/22/10, 4:01 PM  

I think it is a meat tenderizer. I have a metal one with big whackers on one side and smaller on the other. Gees, I hope you get all that for Christmas. And boy, do I feel guilty asking for expensive perfume and clothes!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/22/10, 5:33 PM  

Ollie McKay - The chicken thing works really well - as far as the meat whacker goes. Sheesh. You'd think people would notice I'm banging on the chicken with books, pans... measuring cups.

J - Thing is I have all the pans, cant you just buy a rack???? I don't think I can fit. one. more. thing. into storage...

Lin - I think you might be right about that... The weird thing is I have to get a new meat thermometer every year. I always ruin the things. About a month ago I tested chicken with a candy thermometer. Have you seen the size of them?

Theres just life 11/22/10, 8:13 PM  

Check out resale stores. You might find one there or just get roasting rack to fit in your pan. They make some that are flat.
How you get everything you want for Christmas or before so you can use them for the dinner.

Maureen 11/22/10, 9:09 PM  

I think it's called a meat mallet. Not sure though. I think my house actually bounces off the foundation when I use mine.

Da Dude 11/23/10, 1:09 AM  

Meat whacker? Is that like a weed whacker but for meat? Get those nasty little pin feathers off the skin.

For thermometer I use an instant read from ThermoWorks. Checks the temp of meat in 2 seconds.

BTW I got the coupons. I do use ICBINB and the stuff in the blue bottle for competition cooking. Doesn't leave a greasy taste to food.

Lynette 11/24/10, 4:48 AM  

our meat mallet becomes an ice breaking device more often....but if your really wanna pound your meat....OMG, you bring out the best in us sometimes! Have you thought about using a rolling pin? No not to pound with....but to roll it out? Ok now your rolling your meat out....and letting the juices flow....Girl give it up and buy chicken tenders.

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