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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poppingly Good Giveaway

Speaking of Giveaways....

So I've been dieting for over a year now...

And I still snack.

Not that snacking on a diet is always a peak experience.  I've tried a lot of light snack options in the interest of my weight loss and sometimes after one bite I have to look at the label and make sure I didn't buy packing peanuts by accident. 

So when  MomCentral emailed about participating in a Pop Chips Blog Tour ( Nutritional info: each single-serve bag of popchips contains just 100 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. Made  from all-natural ingredients. ) I was up for it.  And I love their tag line - Love.  Without the handles.

And they have so many flavors...

There is Original Potato, Barbeque Potato, Sour Cream & Onion Potato, Cheddar Potato, Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato, Salt & Pepper Potato, and Parmesan Garlic Potato.  And they aren't baked or fried - They are popped.  Popped just sounds light and airy.

I got a wonderful box of assorted poppingly good flavors (and you can win the same thing below).  I really, really liked them.  A lot.  They have tons of flavor and a TON of crunch and  it was a nice serving size, too.  Around twenty chips and a thousand crunches per bag.

So.  Want to win your own cruchingly satisfying box of snacking heaven?  You do, believe me...  Popchips would love you to friend them on Facebook and  I'd like to hear what flavor you think you'd like best.  I loved Salt & Pepper but Ginger was partial to the barbecue chips I dropped. 

One person will win a box of Love without the handles just like I got from Mom Central and Pop Chips.  Eighteen years or older, US only and the giveaway runs until November 26, 2010   9 pm Eastern. 

I'm trying something new  - If you really ( REALLY ) want this you can comment on this post once a day.

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of popchips and received a “Get Popped” box of popchips and a $30 gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Heather 11/17/10, 8:49 AM  

BBQ sounds yummy to me! Send it on!

Leah 11/17/10, 9:39 AM  


Tara Beaulieu 11/17/10, 12:01 PM  

Mmmm, these sound good- I am always the sort who has to eat an entire package once it's opened, so it's great to see it's lower in calories and fat! BTW, I am a sea salt and vinegar fan all the way!

Babes Mami 11/17/10, 1:00 PM  

I liked them and I LOVE BBQ chips so I would want to try those the most!

Grampy 11/17/10, 1:30 PM  

I would love the Sea Salt and Vinegar.

lee 11/17/10, 3:01 PM  

did you bring enough for the whole class? haha!

so good of you to share!

good giveaway, great hostess!

Ritz 11/17/10, 3:41 PM  

Mmm...Parmesan Garlic - my two favorite things!

Theres just life 11/17/10, 10:26 PM  

I am always looking for a good healthy snack. Bring it on.

Babes Mami 11/18/10, 12:56 AM  

I favorited this just so I could comment everyday.

I just remembered I still haven't gotten my prize from the last time. My address will be changing on Saturday. If you would like the new one let me know! :]

Tara Beaulieu 11/18/10, 10:27 AM  

I just remembered I could comment daily... I think salt and pepper sounds intruiging too- Did I spell that right? It looks wrong. Oh well, anyway, salt and pepper chips. Mmmm sounds pretty tasty! Can I use my saved calories and have the chips with a beer, does that work?

Christina 11/18/10, 12:46 PM  

I'd definitely be a Parmesan Garlic fa.

Meredith 11/20/10, 9:49 PM  

Salt and vinegar sounds yummy!

Melissa 11/24/10, 2:29 PM  

I'd love to try the Barbeque flavor!!

xmeliss182x (at) yahoo (dot) com

Babes Mami 11/24/10, 11:32 PM  

Another day, another comment!

Julie 11/26/10, 11:55 AM  

Cheddar Potato-would like to try
like them on fb-
thanks for the giveaway

brightleigh 11/26/10, 3:21 PM  

Barbecue sounds great to me! Thanks for the opportunity!

Miranda Ward 11/26/10, 5:45 PM  

The cheddar flavor sounds YUMMY!

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