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Monday, November 29, 2010

Popchips coming someones way, PointsPlus, Sinks, Oh! NO is that a tooth and Atomic Ranch....

1.  Winner of the Popchips Poppingly good giveaway is Babes Rockin Mami and I think I'll do an entry a day more often because that last entry was the charm Ms. Mami!

Email me you address (that new one, honey) so I can forward it to Pop Chips)

2.  The big news in flab today is Weight Watchers unveiled their new Points Plus program yesterday at meetings.  If you wanted to see it online you had to wait until today but as you can see:


There's not so much happening.

Speculation on the Weight Watcher boards yesterday was that at 12:01 in the A em the site would magically switch over with a bit of panache  and a little abracadabra, I suppose, but the reality is much more well, real. So at 5 it's still down.

I'm glad for the change.  I've been having trouble with my progress in fact - I've gained some weight back and I need a change like this to restart - to look over the program as if it were new again.  Technically, it is new.

I've seen the new written material and it looks good and I found my way to the mirror 'new' site yesterday just to look around.  It wasn't all functional but it looked good.

And they have made some real positive changes regarding fruits and veggies, as in - Go ahead.  No one ever got fat from bananas.

3. And in other random news,  I still feel bad that my aunt broke her bridge on my sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. 

4.  Things are looking up for a new sink by the way!  And who knew?  My family does read my blog!

5.  Some people emailed me and said they were having trouble finding Atomic Ranch magazine.


I'm not surprised; I only found it in the last few months and I'm in the NY metropolitan area  I decided to get a subscription yesterday since I want it so bad.  And I just want to support the magazine and atomic homes and okay, I just want to drool over it.  You can get a subscription though their website but I had an Amazon credit so I got mine there.


Lynette 11/29/10, 6:54 AM  

What did you put in those sweet potatoes girl? LOL

Babes Mami 11/29/10, 2:30 PM  

I agree with Lynette what was in them?

Yay pop chips!

Emailed you!

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