The Crazy Suburban Mom: Anyone have a spare bathtub they aren't using?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anyone have a spare bathtub they aren't using?

The bathroom floor install started yesterday morning and hmmm, not without a few annoying glitches but yeah. I think construction is like that.

The most absurd migraine inducing moment was the call from Home Depot wherein they inform me, The tile guy is here to pick up your tiles but hey! We wrote up the bill  wrong and the install for the tile you picked is a couple of hundred more because it's so much more labor intensive...

Here's a picture of my tile as it sits in my living room...


Near the ever present guitar cases...


(My kid had some work this week...)

A couple of hundred more?  Hundred?  As in.....  HUNDRED?

Plus tax, she says...

In the end the tiles are here although I was going to say, You know what - Keep the tile and the excess labor charges plus tax.  How 'bout them apples?  I was more then a bit .... miffed.

Tile guy comes, started the work and will be here around eleven today.  I knew that my bathroom would be semi-unusable for a few days...


And it was kind of freaky to see the sub-floor but I in no way was ready for this...  this...


... amputated stump where the toilet used to be. I thought they were going to tile around it.  Which shows how little I know about ...anything.

Which brings me to the real freak out.  


Because if we are being totally honest - in totally crazy unmediated OCD way - I don't even drink bathroom water. So how will I ever reconcile taking a bath in a tub that had a toilet sitting in it because I have no earthly idea.  And really don't even answer that because I know already - I won't be able to reconcile taking a bath in that tub again.  I just freaking know it. So if any bathroom renovator is looking to do a tub giveaway, I'm your gal....

Unless anyone has any souped up cleaning ideas for a tub that's had a toilet in it - pass them my way.  And also that floor - I bought it and it's being installed but I have no idea how to clean a natural stone floor.

So any cleaning hints on that - Throw them my way as well...


Lindalou 11/3/10, 11:09 AM  

I know you don't want to hear this...but the toilet in the tub thing is normal for bathroom remodeling.

You can always give the tub a good rinse with bleach to help you overcome the germs and the fear.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/3/10, 11:13 AM  

Lindalou - I think I'm the one who's not normal :) I kind of anticipated that! lol Bleach, huh?


I'm still wishing for a new tub but bleach, huh?

Babes Mami 11/3/10, 4:07 PM  

If you are super germ OCD bleach it out and resurface it lol

Debbie 11/3/10, 8:09 PM  

Bleach it and go! And natural stone? I have slate and all I do is mop it and reseal it every couple of years. It is easy!

Maureen 11/3/10, 10:18 PM  

I vote for bleach!

Lynette 11/4/10, 12:42 PM  

hey, pull out that old tub too....i have a claw foot tub and pedistal sink in my backyard waiting for the bathroom redo I want.

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