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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wacky Retro Tuesday Giveaway Announcment

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway a week, we'll see how it goes.  I want to run it from Retro Tuesday to Retro Tuesday and EVERY SINGLE COMMENT I GET ALL WEEK WILL BE AN ENTRY.

Now will this be unwieldy you ask?  I know, I can hear you...

No.  Here's the thing.  Next Retro Tuesday I will announce the winner and I'm going to pick in one of these ways...  From all the comments this whole week I will pick the comment that made me laugh the most... or the one that made me think the most... or the one smack mid-week... or I will print them all out and line Tazzy's cage with them and the comment she poops on first will win.  

I also reserve the right to choose some other totally insane way to pick at the last minute...

The short answer is I'm going to pick someone and I'm not going to Random.Org it.  Maybe that seems odd but as someone I know said to her kids when they yelled, Hey, that's not fair!   

Kids this is not a democracy, it's a benevolent dictatorship and it's my house.

Or in this case, my blog.

So the prize.  I have this way cool hardcover book, one of The Homemaker's Encylcopedia's copyright 1952.  The prize this week is for Housekeeping Made Simple...


250 + pages of priceless advice described as...


That description sits in the front of the book next to the one color picture there is...


The rest are black and white but they are great, like this one of a woman checking her hubby's business suit for body fluids à la  CSI...


All comments EXCEPT ANONYMOUS COMMENTS are eligible from today until next Tuesday October 12, 2010 ON ANY POST THIS WEEK NOT JUST THIS ONE for this fabulous bit of crazy fun nostalgia.   I'll mail it anywhere to anyone based on my own rules which may change at any moment.

Comment as often as you want.  There is no penalty for double commenting unlike my other giveaways.  

I don't plan to have them all be Retro-Related but I don't know yet.  I may or may not do another one, but I don't know yet.  I guess I'll see how this one goes.

Leave me your email, check back, follow me or do something so I can find you. I will announce the winner next week and will attempt to contact you once but I will not make myself crazy.  

If I can't track you down in a reasonable amount of time (my choice on the terms of reasonable) I'll be saddened and sob a little but I will get over it.    I won't hold this for you forever.  


Babes Mami 10/5/10, 12:16 PM  

woo contest! Cute book too!

LivewithFlair 10/5/10, 12:22 PM  

I love this contest! Your giveaway reminds me of an old 1950's book called "Fascinating Womanhood." I think it saved my marriage.

Gabriele Agustini 10/5/10, 12:55 PM  

Well, dang! Nothing I say could be funnier than your
"checking her hubby's business suit for body fluids a la CSI"!! Cracked me up!
The book looks hysterical and I really, really want it!
So, I hope Tazzy enjoys pooping on my comment!!
A fun post. :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/10, 1:26 PM  

Babes, The book is a lot of fun for real and I have a few... I have to look - I might have a child rearing one :) HMMMM...

Livingwithflair - Oh these encyclopedias are a hoot. If you google them there are a bunch.

Garbriele - LOL, these books are really really fun :) I have a few of them!

Vonlipi 10/5/10, 4:08 PM  

But really just what the hack is she doing to that business suit?

Weird! I don't have anything remotely funny to write after the a la CSI....That is too funny!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/10, 4:54 PM  

Miss V - shes spraying for moths which is ya know - pretty bad too...

Lin 10/5/10, 6:33 PM  

Please, please, please do not send me this book. I mean, look at those hoodlums wrestling on the front cover. Hello??? THAT would NEVER be allowed in my home and I don't want that lying around giving folks any ideas around here.

J Sedai 10/5/10, 7:31 PM  

the only advise I need on housekeeping I got from my mother-in-law, she embroidered it and framed it for me for my first Mother's Day: (I keep it displayed in the entry hall of every house we live in)

Cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow- So, quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I'm rocking my baby. Babies don't keep.

now, that's not to say I don't clean. but we do live here.

ceemee 10/6/10, 1:33 AM  

The cover photo has nothing to do with Housekeeping at all!

By the way, I love your new header!

Jabacue 10/6/10, 11:56 AM  

The book title probably should read: "Housekeeping Made for the Simple". If you aren't before you read it, you will be after!!!lol
Love to have that and share with friends!

Lynette 10/7/10, 10:37 AM  

dang i was drooling
you know how much i love my three that go with this one
pure 50's heaven

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