The Crazy Suburban Mom: This is not another makeup post it's an OCD post dressed up as a makeup post for Halloween.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is not another makeup post it's an OCD post dressed up as a makeup post for Halloween.

I just went to CVS to buy this stuff...

It's called Milani Glizty 3D Glamour Gloss and everything about it called to me.  No really,  that stuff was calling like a Siren in a seafaring tale.  I'm going to change your life, buuuuuuy me.....   So I hopped in my car and hauled it to CVS and there it was.

Magical little Genie bottles full of sparkly lip gloss ready to grant me three wishes... I'm sure of it.  Anyway, CVS had all the colors and I'm standing there trying to decide which color, Leading Lady or Designer Label? And as I pick up Leading Lady, Oh Crap.   None of them are sealed.  The odd thing is they don't looked opened either (nothing looked peeled off...)

I decide I'm being stupid, grab Leading Lady and walk away.  I'm so imagining my lips all 3D glossy and picking out my three wishes when OCD gives me a chop to the throat and asks, What the hell do you think you're doing, Missy?

I go back to the display and look at all the other stuff and it is, in fact... all sealed.  Tick tock tick tock... I have it out with my OCD.

Me:  Stop being a giant party pooper germaphobe baby.

OCD:  Every two year old who walked passed that display used 3D Glamour Gloss wands to play, Look Mommy! I'm a Walrus! up his nose.

And... as I'm sure you can imagine...  I'm home and glossless and very, very sad.  I guess the moral of the story is if you go shopping for magical lip gloss do not have your OCD ride shot gun.


oakwoodelectrical 10/2/10, 6:34 PM  

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I hope next time we can visiting each other.
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Lidian 10/2/10, 9:21 PM  

Tracy, after reading the name of that gloss - I want it too! And I would have done exactly the same thing as you.

I hope you do find some that is perfectly sealed, please tell us when you do! :)

J Sedai 10/3/10, 12:31 AM  

I'd just want it cause the lid is AH MAZ ING!

Gabriele Agustini 10/3/10, 10:19 PM  

I probably would have felt the same way!!
With my luck, I would have gone to return it, and the clerk would have told me that
she couldn't take it back -
because it wasn't 'sealed'.
Better luck the next time!

Thrifted Treasure 10/5/10, 2:31 AM  

Oh yay! Great to see there are other germophobes out there!!!

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