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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rinse and spit? Absotoothalutely with Listerine and Reach

A few weeks ago Mom Central wrote and asked me, do you want to be part of the Listerine Oral Care Challenge Blog Tour and I said, Uh huh, absotoothalutely  and I have a really good reason.  Two actually.

I know exactly two people - and just two -  who reached eighty years old and still had their teeth and both used Listerine daily.    Listerine and Reach (another product I use, more later) have teemed up with America's Toothfairy to launch "Trick or Treat for America's Toothfairy," a campaign to raise awareness of pediatric dental disease and help provide life changing care to under-served children.

 The goal of the blog  challenge is to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash twice a day for three weeks.  With my kid.  Who's nineteen.  And never had a cavity and at this point kind of thinks what's he's doing is dandy.   And he doesn't floss.  

But listen - They sent me some products to do this challenge.  And sure they are geared towards kids but I apparently have the same taste in dental hygiene products as I do in nail polish (that of the  average five year old) and so I am rockin' the Listerine Anti-Cavity Barbie Smart Rinse and my kid, guess what?

Well, let me back up about that rinse first, you brush your teeth and then rinse and spit and oh, I would love to show you the array of Barbie pink bits that come out but yeah, that's gross.  I'm an adult - You'd think I brush well but I still have Barbie pink fall out so I had my kid do the same thing with the Batman version and he had Batman green shrapnel in the sink so,  yeah - he was all in too. And Batman (he said that's the 'good' version of Batman by the way - whatever that means)  now has a home his bathroom.

When I'm done with these bottles, I'm buying more.

He also liked the taste and me too.   It doesn't taste minty but when you're done - your mouth feels cleaner and  fresh and it's funny my kid said exactly the same thing.

Now, about the Reach Access Flosser. Another thing I've used forever ( Well, since they came out because obvioulsy I couldn't use it before they came out - And to continue) because it makes flossing easy and flossing isn't easy for me.   I have a small mouth, no really.  The Dentist said so and flossing is just hard.

And wisdom teeth. Ever try to get back that far?  Trying to floss wisdom teeth with regular floss is like trying to floss the teeth of someone standing behind you through the back of your own face so - yeah.  That's why I use this...

Every once in a while I have a hard time finding them but - my drugstore will always get them if they are out.   Why everyone doesn't use them, I have no idea.  The angle on the flosser is perfect.   I could go on here but once you get to the word 'perfect', why?

Watch out for sticky candy on Halloween, but if you eat it rinse with some of that Barbie Smart Rinse!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of LISTERINE and REACH and received products to take the Oral Care Challenge. Mom Central Consulting also sent me a Global Giving gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Webbielady 10/27/10, 4:35 PM  

i love the title you gave to this article!

J Sedai 10/27/10, 5:42 PM  

do you know if this comes in a gender neutral kid flavor/character?
with 2 of each there would be all kinds of kerfluffle in the bathroom if there were more than 1 flavor! and I love those Reach thingers too! but I have a GIANT mouth, my teeth are just crammed close, and the floss is just held just so in that.

Gabriele Agustini 10/27/10, 7:28 PM  

Eighty years old and no teeth-in-a-jar?! That's awesome!! Makes me wanna go buy that stuff!!
Always love visiting here!

Janiss 10/28/10, 2:04 AM  

I hate minty mouthwash too, so I'm always on the lookout for a good kid's mouthwash. I'll have to give Barbie a try.

As for floss, I actually use two different types - a fluffy floss for my upper teeth, which are spaced normally. My lower teeth, which are scrunched together, need one of those flat flosses to get in there.

Yes, I am sort of a tooth fanatic.

YummY! 10/28/10, 5:39 PM  

I have horrid teeth, and its too late for me, but I hope to teach my son to care better for his teeth than I did for mine.

Theres just life 10/30/10, 4:23 PM  

I need to try that reach thingy. I have always had a hard time reaching my back teeth. The dental hygienist even has problems, so its not just me.

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