The Crazy Suburban Mom: Onward and outward with my ICBINB Fridge Makeover and some coupons for you

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Onward and outward with my ICBINB Fridge Makeover and some coupons for you

Outward as in throw outward.  And I don't just mean that petrified salad making a pool of primordial goo at the bottom of the crisper - I'm talking containers.

While I was at this whole ICBINB fridge makeover business I took a look at what I was storing things in, motley plastic crew that it was, and I noticed I was using quite a few Chinese Soup take out containers with 5's on the bottom.  I tried to ascertain if that was safe ----  Or --- If I was now part plastic and what I found was that the containers are likely bio-degradable - hmmm - and safe as originally used.

It's gets a bit murky with reheating.  And reheating.  And reheating, yet again.

So for part of my makeover, they are gone too.

Out with the murky take out containers and in with something much better; I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, I got the sticks...  I like the sticks.  Makes me want to go out and buy a vintage butter dish, put on my pearls and go all Donna Reed..

I do like it, but I knew that, I've used it before and it does hit all those buttery notes.  For the life of me I can't quite remember why I stopped using it actually - It tastes like butter only, I don't know less fatty?

I like butter but it can be a bit like lead, you know?  Fatty.  Heavy.  Where as ICBINB is more like eating a buttery cloud - Um sorry,  I'm waxing all light yellow and buttery but it's hard to explain.  I guess you could say  I'm doing a poor job so how 'bout I stop trying and just give out some coupons?

I have five little booklet things with info for you and 2 coupons for $1.50 each.  Get a good sale and yep, that would cover quite a bit of your ICBINB try, wouldn't it?

So who is doing this makeover with me?  Or needs to?   Who's afraid to do it because the CDC will be slapping  BIO-HAZARD tape across your front door if you start?

I'll pick five comments tomorrow for the coupons - US Please - just tell me something (anything) about your fridge.  How 'bout the scariest thing you've found. The oldest thing... Or that it's perfect... Or even that you have one of those souped up jazzy one's - I'll be jealous but you can tell me...


Actually I think I'll let Ginger monitor the giveaway cause she loves hearing about stuff that comes out of the fridge and she - unlike me - doesn't care how old it is.

Okay - That's it.  Tell me about your fridge - I've got five little info books with coupons to give away.

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 *ICBINB gave me some things to help with the makeover, like the coupons, for example - They did not provide anything like a new fridge*


Da Dude 10/21/10, 9:03 PM  

Which 'fridge' do you want to know about? I have one in the house and one in the BBQ Mothership (aka trailer). At least the one in the trailer is supposed to be a fridge. We haven't found the do not freeze setting yet. The coolest it goes still freezes things. Did you know frozen jello doesn't wiggle?

I'm careful with the fridge in the house. There is something fuzzy and green in the back corner that sometimes fights me for the last bite of BBQ that I put in the fridge. At first I thought Kermit the Frog took up residence in my fridge. I've since found out Kermit doesn't have fangs.

Lynette 10/22/10, 5:28 AM  

I am ocd about what goes where in my fridge....i don't know why
but only drinks can go on the top shelf....always!
The next shelf is for left overs
and the bottom shelf is for staples like butter, eggs and such.
One lil drawer only has sandwich makings. And the two bottom drawers are set up as fruit and veggies in one and dairy in the other (aka Cheese).
The side door is all those bottles of things that we forever keep and should chunk more often.

Little freezer on top is for ice and ice cream....
now do you want to know about the big freezer? LOL
Easy....breads in the door
shelves are set up as chicken/pork on top
beef/venison on second
3rd is fruits
and bottom basket bin is veggies.

yardsailor 10/22/10, 11:47 AM  

Hate, hate hate my side by side fridge, I have had it over 10 years and it is the worst thing I have ever purchased! No room, no room,can I say it often enough, wish it would break, so I could get a new one.

cstironkat 10/22/10, 12:39 PM  

I have a diet coke from Granada that is 13 years old. I keep it because it reminds of the great times I had there. It says Coke Light on the can, instead of Diet Coke and it is spelled light too, instead of how we spell lite in the U.S.
The oldest thing I threw out was so moldly I couldn't tell what it was, I threw out the container with it, to afraid to open it up.

lee 10/22/10, 3:33 PM  

i bought an expensive armoire type fridge when i got a tax refund check. love it! only problem? you almost have to crawl into the thing to clean out the bottom where the baskets slice in!

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