The Crazy Suburban Mom: meatloaf jerky, animal digest, retro tuesday winner, vintage buttons, I'm covered in vinegar and whew - exhausted....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

meatloaf jerky, animal digest, retro tuesday winner, vintage buttons, I'm covered in vinegar and whew - exhausted....

I totally missed Retro Tuesday because... Well, let me start with the meatloaf jerky.

Remember the other day I wanted to make a treat for Ginger and I got the idea I could make her meatloaf jerky. Well, she loves the stuff and I love that I can give her something crunchy but not hard which works with her sporadic tooth situation.   I do have to remember that it's meatloaf and not melba toast which is what it looks like but man...

She'd totally eat it all day, if I'd let her.

Plus I know what's in there.  I've been looking at the ingredients in dog snacks and the first problem is they list  them but not the sodium content per se, which I'm trying to watch because she's old and the second problem is ... They list them....

Just what the heck is 'animal digest' I want to know.   Because I want to tell you something, Gentle People - I took college level Anatomy and Physiology courses and I was an A student.  No kidding, it was my favorite class.  I studied  Anatomy.  I dissected Anatomy.  And never once in all those years did I  pull anything out of anywhere hold it up and say to the professor, Yo! Teach, what the heck's this?  

...and get the response ...Ah class! Behold the elusive animal digest..  

Just sayin'....

And I was going to explain why I didn't do Retro Tuesday but that took too long although it has to do with this...


and this too..


But I'm too exhausted and covered with vinegar to go into it now. So onto the winner of this!


(And a little about the giveaway for this week)

BabesMami is the winner of this weeks giveaway because she makes every day  Make Up Monday! I realized you had to be the winner the other day when my son said to me, There are three forms of matter in the Universe... Solid, Liquid and Gas...

And I said, no there are four.  Solid, Liquid, Gas and Eyeliner...

You rock my world, BabesMami!

Email me, Girl.

Next weeks giveaway will be for...


I make these key fobs with vintage buttons and I'm giving one away.  But since you guys might not be jazzed at the thought of someone's homemade crafts I'm throwing in something really good too...

These are pretty cool.  

The biggest is about the size of a nickle.  I know how much a lot of you guys love vintage buttons so a giveaway seemed, I don't know.  So right.  Especially since I'm forcing my homemade crap on you.

How do you win?

Next Retro Tuesday I will announce the winner and I'm going to pick in one of these ways...  All comments this whole week are eligible  and I will pick the comment that made me laugh the most... or the one that made me think the most... or the one smack mid-week... or I will print them all out and line Tazzy's cage with them and the comment she poops on first will win.  

I also reserve the right to choose some other totally insane way to pick at the last minute...


Maureen 10/13/10, 11:56 AM  

So Ginger is a happy dog! Does making jerky involve a dehydrator?

Gabriele Agustini 10/13/10, 12:13 PM  

Love your sense of humor through it all! :)
Eyeliner, ha!!
Ginger is so cute!


Lindalou 10/13/10, 12:36 PM  

I love your chaos. It makes me feel normal.

How did you find time to make meatloaf jerky? Sounds like something my dog would love. He's a sweet looking little Maltese Poodle, but when it comes to eating...he's all hound dog.

re'New 10/13/10, 1:21 PM  

My guess for "animal digest" is that it's the stuff IN the intestines that is working on being digested when the animal in question was so rudely interrupted in that process. Now that I've disgusted each and every one of you, have a nice day!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/13/10, 2:08 PM  

Maureen, I'm thinking of putting up the recipe. Maybe next time I make it. But no, just an oven.

Gabriele, Thank you! And my sense of humor got me through a lot. I cultivated it as a child because it annoyed my parents to no end.

Lindalou - Chaos is the general state of affairs around here. I wish is wasnt but Im so used to it things seem to devolve

Re'New - I looked it up and the definitions varied - but that was one. One was a soup made of all the parts not suitable for pet food. Which kind of baffles me and brings me back to your suggestion... so yeah

Babes Mami 10/13/10, 3:35 PM  

Yay me! We've already been emailing today but I suppose you want to know where I live!

You are the one that has taken my love of makeup and made it your own! I sincerely adore that!

Ginger Jerky!

lee 10/14/10, 12:44 PM  

my dog will eat anything, so i don't know if i would go to the trouble of making special treats for him. he loves spaghetti and when we make spaghetti, he stands by the stove and barks until he gets a little bowl! but garlic is a cheap flea deterrent, so i always give his a huge dose of garlic.

your keychains are cute, and i saw some nice bracelets at the flea market that were shiny beads and a couple of rhinestone buttons scattered along the strand. but i can make that for less than $15, right?

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