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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kind of insulted

I had to buy spackle today so I thought I'd look at the purses while I was there.  I guess that seems like a non sequitur, spackle and purses, but I was at Target and they conveniently have both.

I like that in a store.

But have you noticed that Target's stuff doesn't seem to be as, um how to say this... Quite as nice as it used to be?

A few years ago man, I loved their clothes and accessories.  But now, it's weird, there's this 'designer' push and the stuff seems so - Well.

Do you know there are designers doing their handbags  now- Mulberry for one.  And the tags say - Mulberry for Target.  Um.  Let me just say some people get tweaked by the name thing - purses that say LV for example; too showy.

But 'Mulberry for Target' feels like a, Oh we'll design for you it but we want to be very, very clear this is not really us, kinda thing...

And the bags were um, well here's the thing.  I left Target with my spackle, and let me be very clear - They have damn good spackle - and went to Wal-Mart where I found a gazillion tank tops for $3.  Now, I know it's winter almost but if anyone asks me, is it hot in here to you? My answer is always, YES. So tank tops are year round wear for me and I got a few...


Okay, twelve.

Were they cheap?  Yeah, I got a size up for shrinkage but they were no cheaper looking then the stuff at Target where nothing  was $3...

And while I was at Wal-Mart I looked at the purses and you know what?  There wasn't one I wanted there either.  They were all kinds of cheap in a man-made I'm gonna fall apart in four days sort of way but here's the thing:  They were like, twelve dollars where Targets were up to FORTY SOMETHING with an embarrassing tag that screamed look at me! I'm pretending that I have a designer purse.

I can't afford designer things but that doesn't mean I want to buy designer things, actual designer things, like Mulberry for Target, that look worse then the worst knock-off - Ever.  It feels like someone decided, slap a designer label on something and women will buy anything....

I'm actually feeling kind of insulted at the moment.


J Sedai 10/20/10, 7:18 PM  

ever feel like we're just walking bill boards? I hate that. I try to carry just the basic brown bag or a quilted tote I've made myself.

and I think the theory for crap stuff at the store is, if things are disposable, we'll buy more and boost the economy? or something like that. it's bull.

ladyjanewriter 10/20/10, 8:23 PM  

I broke down and got my purse from (they have lots of sales and shipping deals). It's the same people as

Also, TJ Maxx has much better purse deals, I think the purses are slightly better quality.

I bought this bag from Travelon, and it's just below the $40.00 price tag, and is all leather. I bought it because it's a perfect bag for riding the bus and the train. It's not roomy enough for everyone, but plenty of compartments.

ladyjanewriter 10/20/10, 8:23 PM  

Whups! Forgot to link my bag!

Maureen 10/20/10, 9:29 PM  

OMG - purses are the worst thing to shop for. I buy one, use it for a day or two. Tweak out - return it - retrieve old one. It has to have the right amount of compartments. Pockets can't sag, handles have to be the right length, yada yada yada! Clearly I have issues!

Theres just life 10/21/10, 12:11 AM  

I hate purse shopping, so if I get something I want it to last. These now a days don't so what do I do. Throw the money, License and lipstick in my jean pocket (Levi, wrangler, lee, no designer name on my rear). Do I avoid designer stuff,,,no avoid cheap stuff. Even if it said Mackey (or how ever its spelled) and cost 10 dollars if its cheaply made I am not buying...
I will pay for a designer that is well made and will last.

Jersey Diva Mom 10/21/10, 10:48 AM  

marshall's/tj maxx is usually my go to place if I need one. (ok, "need" is a bit strong!)

AGREE 100% on the target stuff not having the same siren's call it used to have for my AMEX card. "I was thinking- well, maybe it's just becuase my biz was WAY better 2-3yrs ago so I had more $ to spare.?" but then I realzied, No- I just flat out don't like it as much.

Gabriele Agustini 10/21/10, 11:03 AM  

I'm with ya on the big ol' honkin' labels! Hate them!
Especially on the sides of sunglasses!
I like really big frames and good quality, since I need a prescription. It drives me nuts when the first inch on the sides, is taken up with the designers initials!
Sometimes in rhinestones, for crying out loud!
I was just in Target yesterday and I saw all the racks of 'designer' stuff you're talking about.
I didn't buy any - just some stuff for the gym.
I like your tank tops!

Christy 10/21/10, 1:12 PM  

I love the bags at WalMart, haha. But you are right, they are not good quality. I just like the cute tinkerbell bags they have every now and then. They just built a Target near us in Christiana, I'll have to check it out.

lee 10/21/10, 1:34 PM  

i hate plastic purses, except for the david cassidy purse i had in second grade.

i go to the goodwill in the richy-rich town next to me. i got a nice vintage dooney and burke for $5!

i think target started going downhill when they had all that ed hardy crap about 1 1/2 years ago.

Lin 10/21/10, 7:37 PM  

I always end up at Penny's for my purses. If you wait for a sale, you can snag some snappy-lookin' ones for $30-$35. You can probably find them for less, but I like a lot of hardware and I refuse to spend much more than that for a purse. Tim Gunn says we shouldn't waste our $ on "it" bags anyway. And, oh, I always get compliments on my bags.

My favorite part of handbags? They always fit!!! ;)

oh--Target sucks.

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