The Crazy Suburban Mom: Ginger's Meatloaf Jerky Dog Treats and her daily homemade food

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ginger's Meatloaf Jerky Dog Treats and her daily homemade food

The recipe for Ginger's Meatloaf Jerky is pretty easy (and I had a ton of requests for the recipe) so Ginger thought I should post it.  But I decided to post what I feed her everyday too since I think many people don't made their dogs food and might be curious about what I feed her.

Honestly, I think you could really do a combination of anything and it's the cooking method that's important - Not so much the ingredients but this is what I used:

1 package of ground turkey (they come prepacked here - and are about a pound)
1/2 cup baby carrots
1 egg

And that's it.  I processed it all together until it was a paste.  I think processing it is important because I don't think it will stick together well for the drying out part if it's not but you can't prove that by me because I didn't experiment,
I shaped the paste into a meatloaf shape in a foil lined  baking dish.  I did spray the foil with some kind of spray.  And I baked the paste loaf until done at about 350 degrees.  It took at least an hour.

When it was done I let it cool about half an hour then sliced it as thin as possible with out making them so thin they crumbled - This is not an easy task actually.  Maybe quarter inch?

Bake several hours turning over every hour as low as you're oven will go with the door open - mine was 170 but 150 is probably better.

I let these go about 4 or five hours which means they aren't technically jerky and aren't completely dehydrated so I'm refrigerating them.

I plan to do this again with pictures but until then, this really is what I did.

As for her daily food....I started cooking her food a few years ago when there was a problem with tainted dog food and because she's small it wasn't impractical to continue.   If I had a large dog...  I don't know.  10 pounds of ground lamb a month might break me.

Until a few months ago she was eating ground turkey, not lamb, but with age the lamb seems to agree with her more...

I cook one pound of ground lamb in water and drain it to remove the fat.  I add more water, don't know how much - a lot.  Bring to a boil and add a handful of frozen veggies and about half a cup of rice.

I pretty much cook this until the rice is done and then drain.  I store it in several small containers because it goes bad in the fridge, fast.  So I keep one out and freeze two.

When I feed her she gets some of this and about a spoonful of cottage cheese or farmer's cheese - low sodium preferable.   Honestly, she's doing really really well on this and has been for years.  The vets says, keep doing what you're doing with her so, um...'kay.  Will do.


J Sedai 10/14/10, 5:21 PM  

the video says it's private, and my DH has an aunt that cooks for her greyhound. I've considered doing it for my dog too, but with cooking for 4 kids and DH, I just haven't added to my chore list. although as much as she sniffs around the table for scraps I always consider it. and she's not a big dog either 30ish lbs.

but those doggie treats sound doable, if only they had ground turkey here, now I need to find a recipe that I can get all the ingredients for!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/14/10, 5:48 PM  

Sorry J, I fixed it and made the video public. I don't know how that happened the video was up yesterday too!>

You know you can process the meat, Ive ground chicken myself out of breasts and since I'm making a paste I just my kitchen ninja which just has blades and works it like a blender. I don't have a food processor that I can set - this thing just 'goes'... When the ground turkey wasnt on sale I made my own.

Maureen 10/14/10, 7:29 PM  

Perfect timing for this post! I just sat down from making food for my daughter's dog. I boiled some boneless chicken, then added cooked carrots and rice and topped it with chopped tomatoes (strange but she loves them). I'm glad your vet says that it's good. I wasn't sure if it was OK.

C 10/14/10, 8:33 PM  

Love these recipes! Maureen, you'll want to include a source of calcium, as cottage cheese, yogurt, eggshells or calcium from a health food store. Do some research to make sure your pup is getting enough in a form he can use.

Theres just life 10/14/10, 10:47 PM  

I would love to make my own dog food, but too many dogs, and they are all big around 50 lbs. But I love the recipes and will pass them along to my Sis-in-law for her little dogs.

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