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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Coupon Goddess has spread her magic my way

I've been reading The Coupon Goddess's Blog a lot lately.  I've tried a lot of times to make coupons work for me and I always end up with a purse full of bar-coded confetti.  Wait.  Make that expired bar-coded confetti.  But I still read her blog because I"m fascinated by people who make it work for them and I hope that some of it will rub off on me.

This weekend I was as CVS buying, oh.  Well, okay... yeah.  I admit it mostly makeup and I need a 12 step for it but listen that's not even my point here.  I took a look at my receipt and was all,  Well slap my momma.

I think The Goddess has finally rubbed some of her coupon magic on me cause listen to this...

I bought:

1 Revlon Nail Polish in Galaxy - To die for if your like 12....  $4.79
1 Revlon Nail Polish in Summer Beach - Chartreuse - Ditto on being 12...   $4.79
1 Revlon Multi-Use Palette ...  A more mature product   $6.99
1 pack of Scrunchi things to keep my hair back when I'm putting on all this crap $5.99
1 Some sort of Dental Floss  $4.39

Okay, here's the magic I didn't realize till I got outside.

It should have come to -  $26.95  But...

I walked in there with a coupon for the Dental Floss for $1...  Plus it was on Sale for 3.99
So the Floss was not 4.39 but 2.99  Saved 1.40

The Scrunchis where 5.99

The makeup though - CVS had a promo on Revlon; buy $15 get $7 off.  And I had $2 in extra care Bucks.  And I had buy $25 get $5 off... 

So the makeup should have been 4.79 + 4.79 + 6.99  = $16.57    

But once all that coupon magic came off...

$16.57 - $7 - $2 - $5 = $2.57

But because they also had another Revlon - How do they even stay in business? - Promo Buy $15 worth of products get $6 in Extra Care bucks; I left with a coupon good for $6 off another CVS  purchase.

I'm confusing myself because I'm not The Coupon Goddess ...

but I think my $26.95 purchase cost me $5.55

She visits me sometimes and I hope she comes and checks my math on this one because I can't believe I did so good.  The only explanation is that some of her Couponing Goddess Glitter Dust has found it's way to me via the internet and yay! on that!


Petula 10/4/10, 12:40 PM  

Oh wow! That's super cool and exciting. Okay, so maybe some dust has sprinkled on me so I'm going to grab my coupons, my extra buck thingies and head on over to CVS. I've been dying for some new polish.

Congrats on your purchases! Coupons rock!

Babes Mami 10/4/10, 12:48 PM  

Yay! I need to start working the CVS angle more!

Tara Beaulieu 10/4/10, 1:32 PM  

I've stopped going to CVS as often because Rite Aid is closer. I haven't gotten any extra bucks in a while, but those things sure do add up, don't they?! Rite Aid has a new wellness card that I've gotten a few good coupons with, but nothing as good as the extra bucks yet. Nice savings, I'm impressed! :)

Lindalou 10/4/10, 1:41 PM  

Congrats to you. Nice job. I'm a nightmare with the coupons too, but I do try to use my Kroger coupons. It all helps.

mle 10/4/10, 3:06 PM  

You did a great job! I love it when things actually work out in your favor!!

Maureen 10/4/10, 7:17 PM  

Well said - I just got into the coupon thing a month or so ago and you're right BARCODE CONFETTI! The savings are great though. You did awesome! What's not to love?

P.S. I rec'd my package - thanks! You really didn't have to include the extras (which my daughter has claimed). I was in my own little world and had forgotten about it.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/10, 10:59 AM  

Petula - I hope it continues for me, I always kind of poop out!

Babes, for real! I think they paid me to buy make-up!

Tara - I just noticed the riteaid thing - I have a card but havent got a handle on the new +thing they do... If you know post about it lol, cause it baffles me! LOL

Lindalou - They confuse me to no end!

Mle - me too!

Maureen - OH Im so glad and yes I did need to send extra :)

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