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Sunday, October 17, 2010

By jove, I've discovered Regurgajerky...

 I went to buy ground turkey to make more meatloaf jerky and for some reason that stuff is so expensive if not on sale but I'm trying to say on topic so - The store was charging a King's Ransom for ground up mystery poultry but chicken breasts were very affordable: Perfect! Breast Jerky it is and I took pictures this time.

 Boil boneless chicken breasts in water, you don't want to use stock or add salt, it's not good for dogs.  When they are fully cooked cut into serving sized pieces and drain on a paper towel.


Preheat oven to as low as you can; in my case 170 degrees F

Arrange pieces on a greased (something like PAM) cookie sheet


And bake for hours with the oven door open (ajar) 


 ...turning Breast Jerky every hour until it looks like shoe leather.

How long will depend on how thick the pieces are but figure on at least four hours.

Now if you want to know Ginger's unsolicited review....

Yep, she threw it right back up at me but for dogs that's a, Boy howdy! Yes! I LOVE IT! But she says I  should rename it Regurgajerky.

I know calling it Regurgajerky isn't a big selling point for most people but Ginger thought it was a hoot and a half and I dunno - For dogs a snack you can eat now...and later is like dinner and dessert and a midnight snack in one chicken flavored dried out thing.

She took the gagged up piece and ran with it.

Now, really it has to do with her not having the teeth to chew it the first time;  I imagine most dogs would get it down on the first try.


Babes Mami 10/17/10, 1:16 PM  

Oh you and your regurgajerky! Ginger is lucky to be babied by you!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/17/10, 1:50 PM  

I know, it's silly :) But I want to give her snacks that are healthy and I just love that little dog!

Lin 10/17/10, 10:40 PM  

Dang! I LOVE that dog too! Even with those hacky noises she makes at the end of the video!!

At first, I didn't realize you were making that for the dog--I was wondering why you'd want to eat that. Blech!

Gabriele Agustini 10/18/10, 11:37 AM  

That is hysterical, in a gross sort of way. :)
I have a thing about puking. When my kids were little and puked, I would have gladly paid someone to clean it up!!

Nice re-name of the product! Ha!

Here is a book that I thought you might be interested in.

Our Precious Pets, By Ann Wigmore
Our Precious Pets by Ann Wigmore The best "pet-care book" ever written. This book contains Dr. Ann Wigmore's amazing advice on alternative pet care.

I haven't read it, but am a huge fan of the author.

Have a great week!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/18/10, 11:52 AM  

Lin, You know something? When my kid came walking up the street with her a million years ago, I didnt want her. I'd never had a little dog and didn't like them. and I'm the one that's home all day...but then I was depressed at the time and on the couch a lot and she has this thing about crawling inside peoples shirts and well, how could I not get attached?

Gabriele - Oh me too. When my kid puked it about did me in. Once I got a new vacuum because after he puked and I cleaned it up, and than had to wash the rug and then had to vacuum the pukiness never left the vacuum so I had to replace it

I have read about raw food - last time I was looking for a dog - a rottwieler actually alot of breeders recommend raw food although Im not sure I could afford feeding a rottie a raw diet! omg

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