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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bing Our School Needs Blog Tour

Mom Central sent an email asking me to participate in the "Bing Our School Needs Blog Tour" a few weeks ago and I said, absolutely - Where do I sign?  That may seem odd because my son graduated public school last year but good schools don't only make the student better; they make the whole community better.

People forget that when property tax time rolls around...

New Jersey lost millions in funding for schools this year due to what I understand to be a paperwork error. Or a typo.  Or something that someone in Washington could have Googled....  There was blame heaped on all sides, jobs lost, posturing... But it was the kids (and the community) that lost.

Subsequently there was some sort of windfall, I don't know how that will hash itself out.

But when I read about Bing's campaign to help support education I was in. They want to help teachers and students - The communities - They want to know what Our Schools Need.


Tell them.  Here's how..

Teachers and students create entry their entry - Our School Needs.... 
(Students under 18 will need a parent/guardian or teacher submit the entry on their behalf.)
Visit Bing  for the detail and if you didn't watch that video  go watch it now!   There are just a few more days - Voting begins October 22nd.  There will be three categories: Grades K-6, 7-9 and 10-12. And there  will be a grand prize winning school who will receive $100,000 and each category will have a first prize of $50,000.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Bing and received a giving code and gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate."


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