The Crazy Suburban Mom: Winners of the back to school giveaway!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winners of the back to school giveaway!

School starts today in NJ so I thought I would announce the winners today for the three Locker Shelf systems

The winners are...
1.  Tara over at Scarborough Seashells who you have to go read by the way.  Plus have you seen the jewelry that girl makes with BEACHGLASS...  No?  Here look...



2. ...speaking of people who make stuff I love....  Gabriele Agustini  (I'm wondering if this will be an all artistic giveaway?) Stay tuned for winner #3...

Have you seen her stuff?    Look at the scarves she paints...   


I think the first time I commented on her blog she was talking about how hard it is to paint - white things.  Yes, I agree.  And if you have no idea, you really have NO idea....


3.  Tess Moody  at Six Feet Under Blog  who totally is an artist too ...  LOL but I didn't know till I looked at her profile because I just read her blog and not really the profile till today.  She's Unleashed Pet Photography!


Cutest ever.

Okay ladies, email me!  I need your addresses to send to the people at Locker shelf! Sure wish they were around when my kid had a locker.   Check out the link - they are well worth trying for anyone who didn't win and not expensive at all.


Tara Beaulieu 9/7/10, 5:43 PM  

Woooot! Thank you, just emailed you my info. :) You rock!

Lynette 9/8/10, 6:14 AM  

twernt me? awww poooh! LOL
Congrats to the winners though.

Gabriele Agustini 9/8/10, 6:39 PM  

Wow! Thank you for this!!
What a wonderful surprise to see my scarf on your blog!
And winning the locker shelf doesn't suck!! :)
What fun - thank you!!

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