The Crazy Suburban Mom: What happened to the floor....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What happened to the floor....

The other day I pulled up the bathroom rug to see what would happen.  It's been down a while...


The long answer is the rug had  become connected to the floor on an atomic level so when I pulled it up, well first off the floor screamed and second off the rug sucked ALL the tiles right out of the grout (and broke several smack in half) like I don't know, a maniacal Endodontist was gleefully doing what came naturally to a floor full of impacted wisdom teeth.

That was the long answer.  The short answer is I have to get a new tile floor for the entire master bathroom.

Mostly, I'm just ill.  That's the very, very short answer.


Babes Mami 9/1/10, 10:57 AM  

You and your rugs.

Jesser 9/1/10, 11:00 AM  

WOA. That's crazy!!!

Don E. Chute 9/1/10, 11:31 AM  

Ya' never know what you will find when you pull the rug up(?)


Maureen 9/1/10, 12:43 PM  

The fun never stops does it!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 9/1/10, 2:56 PM  

I LOVE Tile ~ so have loads of fun kicking out some awesome tile for your new bathroom floor!! Think of it as a blessing! :))

Sharkbytes (TM) 9/1/10, 3:29 PM  

But the picture is very artistic!

Lynette 9/1/10, 3:34 PM  

or the quick answer, a new rug!

Da Dude 9/1/10, 4:59 PM  

I'd just throw the rug back down and not lift it up again. Use it as a selling point of the house. The house comes with a free bathroom rug. LOL

Evil Twin's Wife 9/1/10, 5:36 PM  

Is there anyway to get the rug stuff that has adhered to the tile off and then just glue them back in place 'til you can deal with it later?

Mom 9/1/10, 6:40 PM  

Just put it back down and walk away! No good comes from looking under rugs. Ever. I hope you've learned a lesson! LOL

lee 9/1/10, 8:39 PM  

get some liquid nails or gorilla glue and jigsaw it together. when it's dry, buy a new rug! just remember to clean under it every once in a while!

Lin 9/1/10, 9:09 PM  

Still??! You are still sick???! Criminy. I'm weary for you. Gees, I hope you get better SOON!

What is with you and rugs??

Theres just life 9/1/10, 10:49 PM  

See no good comes from a cleaning spree. Just when you think your done, another project crops up.
That's why I like to leave well enough alone...along with the rugs.

Journaling Woman 9/1/10, 11:45 PM  

Are we sisters? That kinda thing happens to me all the time.


Tara Beaulieu 9/2/10, 9:08 AM  

I concur- glue them down and put the rug back. We won't tell. ;)

Christina 9/2/10, 9:43 PM  

Seriously, just sweep (or lay down smoothly) the tiles under the rug and pretend it never happened.

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