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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Unilever Test Kitchen where cooking is COOKING!

My trip to New York wasn't (just) an excuse to buy new clothes and makeup; although it was a really, really good excuse to buy new clothes and makeup.

It was the 'field trip' part of being one of Unilever's  The Family Dish  Bloggers and there were a lot of activities.  All of which I had to leave my house for. This was my leave the house outfit, by the way...

This was the other travel outfit.

One of the best things we did was go to the Unilever test kitchens and omg, cook.  I knew we were going to hear about how they came up with the recipes and cook something but I really thought they meant I would be cooking in a more air quote wink wink Tracy will be cooking in the test kitchen elbow poke air quote sort of way...


By the way, this was my going to the test kitchen and cook outfit...

Day cooking at test kitchen and visit to good housekeeping magazine

and we cooked, no air quotes.

test kitchens

I wished I had my Xanax when I found out cooking was COOKING but I left it in the room.  This is everyone and everything we made.


Here's a list of everyone - not in order of the picture by the way....  I just wanted to make sure to get everyone in.  Some of the ladies in the picture are the amazing gals from the test kitchens....Linda Sellers (Short Pump Preppy), Jennifer Leet (The Dirty Shirt), Beth Davis (Plus Size Mommy), Tracy Reinhardt (Crazy Suburban Mom), Liz Latham (Hoosier Homemade), Carol Cain (NYCity Mama), April Atwater (Simply the Sweet Life), Cheryl Sousan (Tidy Mom), Jennifer Schmidt (Beauty and Bedlam), Jill Berry (Musings from Me), Lisa Douglas (Crazy Adventures in Parenting), and Heather Durdil (Domestic Extraordinaire

More to come on the trip later...


Christy 9/20/10, 12:47 PM  

So glad I am eating my lunch right now. Otherwise I'd be scavenging!

Maureen 9/20/10, 1:13 PM  

You look awesome Tracy! When you leave the house, you really go for it!

Babes Mami 9/20/10, 1:32 PM  

You look amazing! Out of your bathrobe or in it!

Lynette 9/20/10, 3:18 PM  

Ha Ha we both had a test kitchen cooking weekend. here is mine

now if we can only get on top chef?????

Christina 9/20/10, 5:35 PM  

Nice robe! Now I'm hungry though... wanna come whip up something for me in my "test" kitchen?

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