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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That pale red blotchy thing

I've been wearing make-up every day for the last two weeks and it's been interesting.  I learned that putting on eyeliner is a lot like riding a bike and while every other part of my face looks like a five year old found her mom's stuff; my eyeliner wings are freaking perfection.

I also didn't know everything that can be learned, can be learned on You Tube for example did you know:

1.  You can make a homemade version of those pore strips to suck out your blackheads?  I know, right?  And there are several versions. Some people use a thin layer of Elmer's Glue, which um, I don't know.  Some use layers of egg white and toilet paper.  My favorite and the one I tried is ONE TABLESPOON OF KNOX UNFLAVORED GELATIN AND ONE TABLESPOON OF MILK MICROWAVED FOR 10 SECONDS.

It produces a warm goo that dries in 10 - 15 minutes and works as well, maybe better actually now that I'm thinking of it, then Biore Pore Strips. 

2.  And how 'bout this -You can use a thin layer of MILK OF MAGNESIA under your make-up as a base to keep the shine away.  All day.

 And I did try it.  It's pretty drastic - And yes, you do have to go and buy the laxative in that bright blue bottle - Original flavor only please -  and it's very drying; pore puckering almost.  But you do look matte after doing it.  Very.

3.  You can learn how to mingle at a party on You Tube which, I don't know.  Learning how to mingle via a video?  Sitting on my bed alone, learning to be social seemed just sad and I went and looked up eyeliner.

The other thing about make-up is that now when I'm not wearing it um, yeah -  Like yesterday morning I hear -

What's the matter with your face?

And I look at it in the mirror and think, shoot.  It's 6:30 in the morning but it looks fine.  Pillow creases not withstanding.  So I say, Nothings wrong with it, why?

It looks all pale and those red blotchy parts.

So I look again and, Ohhhhhhh....   and say, Oh that's just my face now that I'm wearing make-up you forgot what it looks like.

And I guess that might be the biggest downside to wearing it.  What used to be my face is now 'that pale red blotchy thing.'


Julie 9/14/10, 2:42 PM  

Awesome post - thanks so much for all this info! I can't wait to get home and try out the gelatin pore strips :)

Tara Beaulieu 9/14/10, 3:19 PM  

Yeah, that's my problem with makeup. It feels too much like a commitment. Some days I just like to roll out of bed and go. Okay. Most days.

Vonlipi 9/14/10, 3:48 PM  

Oh yes the gelatine strip look kinda freaky, I might just try them out!

Let's just see how long your wear make up...

Babes Mami 9/14/10, 4:04 PM  

hahahhahaha I LOVE YOU! You are the best and I love that you are loving it as much as me! Maybe more so...

I always do something under the eye and a quick coat of mascara at least to go out.

Pollyanna 9/14/10, 4:19 PM  

Milk of Magnesia is okay for a mask once or twice a week, but will over dry your skin is used daily (dry skin makes any make up look crummy). A better daily choice is an actual skin care product - I use the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier.

And a tip on the make up front. For a quick morning, be sure to use a moisturizer, a mineral powder for foundation, a couple flicks of a good mascara and tinted lip gloss. A few minutes & your done!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/14/10, 4:30 PM  

Julie - It works really well and it actually works better in certain areas because I never found the strips were all that good on the sides of my nose.

Tara - That is the truth. Commitment. Oh man.

Vonlipi - That stuff is freaky, really really odd looking,lol. You should try it just for giggles!

Babes, I went from have two eye shadows to have a pyrex bowl full of make up plus a lunch box. Its a sickness, man. And today I bought brushes - I didnt have time to order the elf brushes before thursday - otherwise I would have!

Pollyanna - Oh I am moisturizing. Im doing it morning and night and washing with a really mild cleanser - Cetaphil. Im doing that because Im using stuff for acne - retin a and I'm not young - lets leave it at that. so I Im really careful about over drying

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/14/10, 4:31 PM  

And I do have a mineral powder! And a mineral foundation too...

Babes - this is a sickness!

Maureen 9/14/10, 8:24 PM  

Did you go to your meeting, conference, whatever it was? Or are you practicing? I haven't worn make up in so long I'm not sure where to put it when it comes to my eyelids. They kind of look like they're melting!

Theres just life 9/14/10, 11:58 PM  

Blogger is driving me crazy today.

Any who, I was taught by a makeup artist friend how to apply my makeup. But it has been so long since I have worn it I don't know if I can remember how to do it.

Lynette 9/15/10, 3:20 PM  

Why do guys always have the most beautiful and lush eyelashes?
Because God knew they would not put mascara on them. Ha Ha
I adore eye make up but have to look like the whore of babaloyn before I put on my eyeglasses. Yes scientific fact, eyeglasses make 80% of all eye makeup disappear the moment you put them on your face.

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