The Crazy Suburban Mom: Oh no! Ginger has an ouchy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh no! Ginger has an ouchy!

Ginger was limping around this morning and really, she does that sometimes because she's old.  But then she layed down and was licking her paw and I was oh.  Uh-oh.  So I looked at it...


And then looked closer, which she just hates so she moves around to pretend not to see me because if she can't see me, I'm not there.  But I leaned in and oh.  No, just no.


But yes, her dew claw nail is out at a ninety degree angle and the next thing you know I've got her under my arm and I'm calling the vet all Hello, Hello! Can I come in?

Here is a link to the close-up and it's really, really bad.  Don't go if you think it might bother bothered me....

And obviously since I'm posting the answer was, Today is surgery day and you have to wait a while so just keep her quiet.

But they don't know Ginger I guess because immobile  is pretty much her version of aerobic activity.

And since posting took up the surgery time - We're off now... Wish us luck because Ginger doesn't much like being poked and really, really hates the nail thing!


Flufferwuffer 9/23/10, 11:59 AM  

Oh! Poor Ginger. Hopefully she heals up quickly.

Flufferwuffer @ Cheap Geeks Anonymous

Vonlipi 9/23/10, 12:16 PM  

Of course I went to see the close-up and eeeewwwww! Poor Ginger! I hope she feels better soon!

Babes Mami 9/23/10, 12:23 PM  

Poor Ginger!

Maureen 9/23/10, 12:36 PM  

Poor baby - I hope you make out OK at the vet.

Lindalou 9/23/10, 1:25 PM  

I didn't look, cause I could see enough in the pictures you posted. Poor baby.

I hope all goes well and it doesn't hurt her very much.

Tara Beaulieu 9/23/10, 4:09 PM  

Awwwm ((((Ginger Girl))))! Feel better, what a painful thing, it gives me shivers like nails on the chalkboard just looking at it!

Theres just life 9/23/10, 4:50 PM  

Poor baby. I know that has got to hurt her. Hope you make it to the Vets okay.
If she is like my dogs she will milk this for at least a couple of days. Give you those sad eyes and holding out the foot for sympathy.

J Sedai 9/23/10, 5:36 PM  

awe poor baby! at least there wasn't any blood! doggie nails bleed like the dickens! I hope she heals fast. and she should get an extra burger for this! (if she holds still that is)

Jabacue 9/23/10, 8:46 PM  

Ouch! I can't imagine how THAT feels! Good luck with the surgery Ginger. My dog Sophie says that it'll all be OK.

jellybelly 9/24/10, 3:14 AM  

Poor Ginger....I hope she feels better soon.

ceemee 9/24/10, 4:29 AM  

Oh no! Hope the ouchie goes away!

Lynette 9/24/10, 10:39 AM  

ok i am morbid and had to go look
you know she will be right as rain soon and your the one who will be worried. love our pets so!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/24/10, 1:36 PM  

fluffer - Shes on the mend and thank you!

Miss V, I was going to put than in the post and then thought better of it! It was awful, right?

Babes, I know :(

Maureen, We did although he worked on her teeth too which she hates more then the nail thing so it was not a peek experience for Ginger!!

Linda - Good idea!

Tara, you and me both!

Theresjustlife - lol, that occured to me!! they do that don't they!!

J - no blood surprised me! The doctor said it was because she did the actual damage days ago and that is why she had an infection in the nail bed - this was just the final thing that made the nail come off... so I didnt even know she actually hurt the nail till the whole thing popped off. Now shes on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Jim, Tell Sophie Aww thank you :)

Jelly, Thank you so much :)

cee - shes better today and thank you!

Lynette - I know its so hard she is better today. Maybe its the antibiotics I dont know but she isnt limping anymore

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