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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A non-specific Retro Tuesday

I was looking for something specific to do for Retro Tuesday but I kept ooohing and ahhing over random furniture in one magazine (The American Home, 1950).   So I decided to just scan the furniture and make today Non-Specific Retro Tuesday.

The first, wow.  Heywood Wakefield is a total classic.  Even at the time I think it was appreciated although from what I've read it hadn't reached the iconic status (and stratospherean prices) it has now.  The company survives (under different ownership) today.  These two rooms of furniture...

heywood wakefield ad the american home 1950

Besides being flat out drool-worthy...

 heywood wakefield ad the american home 1950

Are part of the same ad.  The entire ad is on Flikr (here).

These were from a Gulistan carpet ad.

carpet the american home 1950

(And I love it!)

Tomlinson Furniture

carpet the american home 1950

That blond in the backs nice...

carpet the american home 1950

That coffee table - Ohhhhhh, baby!

The whole ad is here

Here's a Kentile Floor ad with no furniture company name listed...

kentile ad

But it's blond, looks like it could be more Heywood Wakefield maybe.  But I see that stuff even when it's not there.  So don't go by me.

Kentile, the company, isn't around any more.  But some floors remain which is a huge problem - their floors seemed to be made of asbestos.

The other part of the ad featured a bathroom and man, I love that color combo.

kentile ad

Whole ad is here.

This company's Pabco Warranty Yard Goods.  Carpets.  I actually like this carpet quite a lot but that furniture I love! 

pabco yard goods

Know what?  Someone on freecycle listed "50's bamboo like furniture, sofa love seat" recently and I knew it was similar to this.  It needed cushion re-dos.  She said it would be perfect outside but this stuff is perfect to me inside.  If I hadn't just got new stuff I'd have been on this like a dieting fat woman on a family size bowl of pasta. (That would be me). 

I love this tiki thing.  Makes me feel all festive.  Sunset on the beach and tropical.

Hand me a Mai-Tai, dress me in a grass skirt, sit my ass on that sofa and man we can call it a day.  If I can't be in Hawaii I can at least be delusional.

I always say.

Anyway - Link to whole ad here.

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retrotuesay stamp

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Babes Mami 9/7/10, 4:01 PM  

Man do I adore Retro Tuesday, pretty sure that was one of the first things I saw from you and started following.

J Sedai 9/7/10, 6:14 PM  

there are still places here decorated like that last add. I like the open garden feel of places like that best. ahhhhh

Sparkle 9/8/10, 12:52 AM  

Hey Tracy, check out my Tuesday post - my human and I got your prize!

Lynette 9/8/10, 6:18 AM  

you are the meaniest person ever.....make me drool all over my keyboard....shorted it out. then had to beg the man for a new one....and then had to get a bib so I could catch the rest of the drool....of course I had came back to visit ya!

Postcardy 9/9/10, 11:37 AM  

I love looking at those old ads, but I wouldn't want to decorate like that now.

Hilary Neidhart 3/12/12, 4:12 PM  

I have a Heywood Wakefield set from the same style / line as the red sofas from that first advert!
My set has two single-arm loveseats (one right, one left) and a corner table in "wheat".


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