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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Even oatmeal makes it uphill in February eventually...

I got the silicon river stone sink mat. Finally

As you recall I described the bottom of my sink as, and I quote.... " a mess.  The white fiberglass has worn off so even though it's clean, the bottom looks like a healing bruise; all manner of off-yellows and tans with some odd greenish blues thrown in. "

And maybe you thought I was exaggerating to be funny because I didn't include a picture so here's one...


People who ate dinner at my house would look in that sink and gulp a little and I could see the thought bubble...


I found what I thought would be a nice solution from The Storage Store  and while shipping (that cost enough to send an elephant) occurred days (and days and days, one whining post, a migarine and two emails) after they promised I like the result.


It doesn't hide the discoloration that's going on beneath it, nothing will, but it cuts down on the grubbery of that entire scenario with a pleasing aesthetic.

It's also nice and soft so I will cease breaking vintage glasses in there.  I've broken three in the last few years and the sobbing that ensued as I was picking shards of my now defunct vintage lovelies  from the garbage disposal was just pathetic so that's over too.

All in all, with the exception of the migraine - A success.


Maureen 9/2/10, 12:32 PM  

That is really cool. Is it rubber disks?

Annette 9/2/10, 2:37 PM  

I should get something like that for my bathroom sinks.

Babes Mami 9/2/10, 3:38 PM  

I love it! Looks great!

Theres just life 9/3/10, 1:17 AM  

It really does look good. The discoloration of the sink blends right in to the color of the mat.

Lynette 9/3/10, 8:11 AM  

Tracy, I just have to say it. So now we are washing dishes in the river? LOL Well it is Faux river rocks, right? LOL
Ok hit me....throw something at me...just not the vintage dishes.

Rachele 9/3/10, 8:45 AM  

We just got back from the beach and it reminds me of beach glass, of which I found none. I too could use something soft to prevent breakage. It looks good.

Gabriele Agustini 9/3/10, 1:21 PM  

I agree, it looks really nice.
And I'm so happy that it finally arrived!!
What a pain in the butt that was for you!
I am totally grossed-out when I have to stick my hand down a garbage disposal to retrieve something!!
Now you won't have to dig out broken glass anymore!
Life is good!

misguided mommy 9/6/10, 12:41 PM  

what the fuck is that thing. Jesus just the photo scares me

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/6/10, 12:47 PM  

You mean my new silicon that looks like stones sink mat? Aw, I like it! lolololol...

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