The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekend round-up, I got no clothes, @kmartdesign, Ginger, Tea Forte and giveaway hint

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend round-up, I got no clothes, @kmartdesign, Ginger, Tea Forte and giveaway hint

1.  Pandora - Pandora still needs service.


2.  Next month I'm going to Unilever's corporate kitchens and even though it actually involves leaving my house which is kind of an issue for me, okay a big, big issue.... On another level  I just can't wait.

Here's the thing - I get to learn kitchen stuff from people who really know kitchen stuff and aren't winging it (like me) and second I don't have to clean up after which is the best thing ever. 

That said, what in the world would they think if I showed up in flip flops and diaper pants topped with the  fluffy pink bathrobe?

No seriously. 

What would they think? 

I didn't know so I asked @kmartdesign and she told me.  And 'cause she's really nice and up on fashion she emailed me a very kind and thoughtful answer.  The short version: Do not go in the bathrobe. 

I've taken her advise but I'm no farther then  shoes....  that will go nicely with that bathrobe if push comes to shove.

3.  I'm really enjoying the reading area I set up last week.  I've wanted one right here for years and that whole declutter thing I did over the last month or so allowed for it. 

And Ginger...


is loving it too..

4.   I got a  Tea Forte  gift once and loved it,  so I get their emails.   This is on sale and I've wanted it forever.  It's just so practical and beautiful and shoot, I don't even know.

I think if I get this I will be stuck with the bathrobe because my $29  budget will be blown for clothes (that's the price of the pitcher and my budget for clothes) but I'm not sure I even care.

5.  Giveaway hint... and yes, I know it's a rediculously large round-up...  Are you ready for the hint?

It's coming this week...


And no, I am so not kidding.   It's a good one!  It's something I've always wanted do not have so I did what I always do - I wrote the company and said - Will you give my readers one?  No kidding.  At the end of the giveaway I still will not have one but one of you will...


Amy 8/7/10, 9:54 AM  

How'd you get that gig, hitting the Unilever kitchens??? Very, very cool. And, I think that bathrobe makes a nice statement...I wouldn't rule it out completely.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/7/10, 9:58 AM  

Amy, I have no idea how... Clearly it wasn't my wardrobe - they wrote me after I posted about the bathrobe.


JoeyfromSC 8/7/10, 10:20 AM  

Congrats on going to the Unilever kitchens! fun!! Can I stow away in the luggage lol-I'm a kitchen gadget person and foodie!:)

I LOVE your tastes in decorating..the reading area looks so great..Loving it all!

have a great weekend!

*I have NO clue what the giveaway is, but am excited haha-Thanks for the hint though..I'll be peeping that pic all day!

Babes Mami 8/7/10, 11:02 AM  

I'm guessing food processor.

Also, geez louise I need to dress you.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/7/10, 11:20 AM  

Joey, Loved your email!

Babes - Dingdingding! yep! I've always wanted one of them - chopping chopping chopping....sheesh, right?

its so much easier with a food processor. At least I've heard that. I wouldnt know...

And do my eye make-up too


Maureen 8/7/10, 12:11 PM  

So, to go completely off subject here...I love that orange stool!

Theres just life 8/7/10, 6:57 PM  

Ah, will Ginger share your reading area with me while your gone.
What that means I'll have to leave my house. Never mind.

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