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Monday, August 30, 2010

Eye brows, ear brows and something I can't talk about....

So yes, the make-up brush thing...   Babes Rockin Mami  does fabulous Make-up Mondays a lot and she got me interested in watching You Tube videos of  gals that put on (the most amazing) make-up, review make-up, talk about make-up, and have more make-up then I've seen in one place including the department stores that employ perfume snipers (man, don't you hate that?)  And I've also been floating around a website called Makeup Alley where Make-up is some serious business.  These gals call their most favoritest products Holy Grail products.

That's serious.

I had no idea how much I'd lost touch with my Makeupeian side.  For real, I hardly have any.  I have exactly two eye shadows - a very pale green and a very dark plum.  For years I've had the same two.  I'm not talking the same two colors, I'm talking the same two.

And the only brushes I have are two, inch long sponge applicators that came with the eye shadows and I don't think I ever washed them.

I'm pausing this post as everyone goes ew.

I've been learning so much.  Not just that I have to wash those brushes.  Which I did this morning, so hush up that ew.   My recent obsessive video viewing taught me that eyebrows are important and I plucked mine out for all intents and purposes decades ago and baby, they showed me.  They didn't grow back.  

Okay well some did.  The eleven hairs that grew back were the ones that are able to grow five feet in length and turn gray on contact with air and what the heck's up with those five feet long gray eye brows that I thought only showed up only in the ears of ninety year old men and hey! If you're counting on that only happening to Grandpas like I did, don't.

So I'm stuck with ear brows over my eyes pretty much.  And it's a ridiculous predicament so don't over pluck... And really, I got nothing to color them up with cause all I got is pale green stuff and dark plum stuff and the brows - well,  the ones that aren't gray - are light. 

And if eye brows are supposed to frame the face, honey - I don't want to know what pale green ear brows would do to my face.

So let's not go there. 

So today I felt the need to get in touch with some make-up. No, actually it was more a desperate thing because I was scared of the sitcheeashun getting any worse  Seriously I was sweating. Which did not make me any more attractive for reals....

  Rite-Aid had buy one get one free on Wet n' Wild which is cheap to begin with and all the gals on Make-up Alley and You Tube rave about the stuff so I got my self some new ($14 TOTAL) things, ladies.


And even some brushes.  BRUSHES!  Actual brushes.


And something for those ear brows.  Although it doesn't claim to help ear brows, it claims to be the ultimate so I'm hopeful.


Now I had wanted to talk about this too...


But I just can't.  Every time I try I get sick.   I'll give you a hint though.  Remember this?  It's a lot like that only like a millions dollars worse.


Tara Beaulieu 8/30/10, 3:12 PM  

I feel your eyebrow pain. Freshman year of college I decided I could DRAW in a much nicer brow line than mother nature had given me. Wrong. Now *ahem* years later, I still suffer from lopsided eyebrows with the 10 foot long white ones that grow overnight. Honestly- WTF is up with that?

I finally succumbed to the lovely Monica who works at my hair salon and she threads my eyebrows every 3weeks. It's $14 a visit but they are finally starting to look like the brows of a woman instead of a crazy scientist.

Still sparse in some areas, but getting there. I found a powder that fills them in nicely and spent a cheap girl's fortune ($8) on an angled brush to use with it.

I am still getting the wirey white ones though. Seriously. What is up with that? Now I am just excited for them to start sprouting from my chin. Then my life will be complete.

Babes Mami 8/30/10, 4:09 PM  

1. Thanks for the shoutout

2. Good job buying makeup!! I'm seeing a lot of green in there which I know you love.

3. I know a site where you can get brushes for $1 each if you need them.

4. For the love of me throw away the inch long sponge tip applicators! They are doing you NO FAVORS!

5. Eyebrows, I fill mine in a little bit with a light brown because they need it. Good luck, light hand and step back a few steps from a large mirror as your doing your makeup/brows to be sure it doesn't look crazy.

6. I can direct you to some great drug store priced makeup if you need it. They are a little more then Wet n Wild but not much. WnW has really stepped their game up!


Maureen 8/30/10, 4:58 PM  

Oh wait until the next stage! I need my reading glasses to put on make-up but of course, reading glasses cover your eyes so....

Vonlipi 8/30/10, 5:08 PM  

Are you telling us Ginger is responsible for the broken and fadded tile?

Well at 44 I finally figured out how to shape my brows and I'm saving 10$ a visit!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/30/10, 5:40 PM  

Babes - Are the brushes elf? I've been looking at elf brushes all afternoon and yes, shoot me an email about the make up.

Maureen, I sent you an email - you got nothing on me, girl

V - oy. No, not ginger but the same exact thing only worse. so much worse.

Theres just life 8/30/10, 7:58 PM  

I use to have makeup everywhere. Now I am down to 1 lipstick, 1 blush, 1 powder, and 2 eye shadows. I feel bare. But I have become such a homebody that I rarely go anywhere where I need it anymore.

Lynette 8/30/10, 9:05 PM  

PLUCK? No dont think so. I made it this old and manage with out killing myself....well I pluck and we can forget that. I am a pain woooosie!

Tile, dang it....but you did get the rug up. Now for some scrubbing, bleach and gorilla glue.

Gabriele Agustini 8/31/10, 12:38 AM  

I hate when I find a product that I love and the next time I go to buy some, the manufacturer no longer makes it! Hate that!!

Sorry about that tile! Of course I'm dying to know what the heck happened there!

Yeah, I've got some brushes with the eww-factor too.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 8/31/10, 8:12 AM  

LOL ~ My make-up bag is so random and this made me laugh! I too have "several" items in there that are really old!! I don't know why we even have to wear make-up - who the heck decided that all those years ago when God created heaven and earth??!! :)))

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