The Crazy Suburban Mom: Dreaming of a new dining room on Retro Tuesday

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dreaming of a new dining room on Retro Tuesday

So the doody rug is gone. 


But it will never be forgotten.

  I don't think I can ever eat in there again without thinking of it.  I waited way too long to get rid of that thing.  So when I was looking over magazines for today's Retro Tuesday I was drawn to dining room tables.  Beautiful new never doodied under dining room tables.

And I want them all.

Okay, some more then others.  Ever hear of Saarinen?


That dining set on the right was quintessential to the era.  You can find them now if you want to pay eight million five hundred feets of dollars.    The designer was Eero Saarinen a Finnish American Architect and Industrial Designer.  

From what I've noticed his designs (like his contemporary Charles Eames) didn't show up in their own ads but in ads for other people's products.  I think Saarinen's designs were classics and important, in their own time - Just having them in your ads elevated your product.  This ad was for Armstrong Flooring.

But honestly, I'd take any of the tables I looked at this morning.


I don't do a lot of black and white shots but I love this table.


 Now this, take a look...

One of the things I love about House & Garden is they put artwork in their spreads.  I've found the most amazing stuff around the perimeters of decor shots.  On another Retro Tuesday it was a Mark Rothko fest (here  there was a Saarinen table too)  

The dining room table above was part of a 'decorate your house on less then $5000 but the artwork on the wall besides being way cool was done by an important artist.


Dakota is a painting  by William Ronald a Canadian Artist, in 1962 (the year of the magazine) and near as I can Google, last sold for close to $100,000.

Now they were very clear the artwork wasn't included in the under $5000 whole house price but how cool to decorate with quality art.  All too often I see designers on HGTV saying real artwork doesn't matter if it goes with the design.

And I get that but how wonderful to have an investment on your wall instead three twigs hot glued to a canvas and spray painted to match the sofa.

Does that make sense?

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Vonlipi 8/3/10, 8:56 AM  

I love the round wooden table with all the inlay work. It beautiful. even if the white table is one really imporatnat piece of design for that era, this thrifty girl doesn't like white! It yellows! Even if you don't smoke...And if you do OMG the color it gets....EEEWWW!

Maureen 8/3/10, 12:17 PM  

Now my art ignorance is going to shine through here but a $100,000! Seriously?

Babes Mami 8/3/10, 2:12 PM  

I really need to get A dining room table one day, that kid will want to eat with us sometime, until he's older anyway.

Stacie Shepp 8/3/10, 3:19 PM  

Wow, I love the look and feel of your site. Very unique and very cool. Thank you for the musings and inspiration!!!

Planet Pyrex 8/3/10, 5:31 PM  

Hey CSM,
I love the painting. Shame about the price! Let me know if you're interested in joining the Pyrex Collective. It's free, easy and not a religious cult.
Hope you're well,

LV 8/5/10, 11:00 AM  

Those are dining rooms sets for fancy table settings. I have a nice one but nothing like these. The food tastes the same no matter what the table cost.

Sweet Bee Cottage 8/5/10, 12:23 PM  

Great dinging sets! Love the art too.

Sally Annie Magundy 8/5/10, 12:59 PM  

Love this post, so much fun to see the furniture! Many years ago I subscribed to H&G and I'm sure I missed all the famous artwork.

Happy VTT,

GardenofDaisies 8/5/10, 1:52 PM  

OH how fun! This takes me back! Glad to find someone who appreciates art. Seriously, if it was that easy, we would all be artists. Most of us don't have the creative vision that it takes, or the talent.

Coloradolady 8/5/10, 3:17 PM  

This certainly can take you back in time!! What a great post and great dining sets....have a great VTT!

Miri 8/6/10, 3:29 AM  

Hmm, I have to agree-I'd definitely take a Rothko over spray painted twigs!

When I married DH, I made him get rid of his Saarinen-look-alike table and chairs set and I have to say, I'm not regretting it yet.

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