The Crazy Suburban Mom: Clothing update and whats up with inseams anyway?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Clothing update and whats up with inseams anyway?

I loved the suggestions I got from everyone, I'm still looking at the links.  A lot of you were concerned about showing arm flappage so I have to say about that.  Not going to happen.  That is what the over things are for.  That dress was sleeveless but it was never going to be worn like that.




One of the reasons I picked that dress was that tea length - sometimes called ballerina length - works really well on me because I'm 5' 9".   Now The Babes Mom sent me a link to an adorable outfit - loved it.  But it was a maxi and I've not had luck with the maxi length.   Just a bit too short and people are all, Whoa! Where's the flood? Poke poke.

Knee length stuff.  Same issue, other direction.

But tea length works because it falls below my knee in a non-freakish way.  It never ends up looking like Bwa! Hahaha! who shrunk your stuff???   And it's not so long that it looks like it's supposed to be longer.... but it's not quite long enough.

Although I do admit it's not as in fashion as it once was - I can live with that since it always look appropriate and never looks like it was laundered incorrectly.

Thats why these kinds of dresses always work for me...

(That's not quite tea length, but close)

It's more like this one...

And shirts like this work for me because they are meant to be long... I have the same issue with shirts being too short.

Plus I'm still dieting.  I still have at least another 15 to go.  I can't buy things that are meant to be form fitting not that I would.   That's so - Well, not me.  But I need things that will follow me through the weight loss process here.

And outfits  like this...

Would be nice but I can't get it because while men get to pick their inseams woman apparently all have the same size legs.   Except me.

   I've not ordered a thing yet but continue on with my lifelong whine about inseams...

And speaking of purses I love this one..


Lynette 8/13/10, 11:03 AM  

Ok how about the right length, sleeves that cover the top and a lil clevage showing but add a pop of color.
yes sorry plus size cause I am! But there is a size 12?????
But for me I love love the flirty look of this one.

Amy 8/13/10, 11:18 AM  

I've got no friends have always told me I have no sense of style, and I have to agree with them, 100%. However, I like the dresses that you showed in the pictures. Very pretty! I think. :)

The Coupon Goddess 8/13/10, 11:30 AM  

I LOVE the first one. Matter of fact I have a few dresses just like that for the fall and winter that I pair with riding boots. Classic!

LivewithFlair 8/13/10, 1:13 PM  

I agree with the Coupon Goddess! Good call there!

Babes Mami 8/13/10, 2:25 PM  

Have a tailor shorten that pretty cheap dress! Not expensive at all and much easier then giving yourself a freak out! :]

JAZEVOX 8/13/10, 2:30 PM  

i like the sleeveless black dress. black dress always seem handy to have in someones closet all the time, when nothing else works, the a black dress is always there for the rescue because its versatile and work with almost anything. have a nice day, jazevox

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/13/10, 3:32 PM  

I actually agree with everyone - which is why I've not ordered a single thing.

I love that first dress, from J Jill. I love the second dress from Travelsmith.

I also love that shirt, the more I look at that shirt the more I want it although I really don't have pants except for jeans to go with it. It would go great with a jeans pencil skirt I have though.

And BabesMame - you're right. You really are but you got any idea what tayloring in the NY metropolitan area costs??? OMG - no you dont. See I used to live in NC and I know its totally reasonable - but in NJ? no. it's not.

J Sedai 8/17/10, 7:48 PM  

look thru craigslist or something to see if you can find a "in home" tailor, or ask around at church or something to see if you know anyone who knows how to sew, raising the hem on a dress is SIMPLE. Just mark it every 8 inches how far up it needs to go, and then leave 1 inch for turning under, and cut there, then fold twice and sew it down. pants are a bit harder. I bet you know some one who would do it for cheap(er) than the alterations place.

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