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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A clothes question...

I have to buy some clothes because I'll be leaving my house next month.

I don't know what's bothering me more; having to buy clothes, wearing something that doesn't have an elastic waist or leaving my house.

I'm thinking of going with something like this from Travelsmith.


 There is a lot I like about it although a few things I don't.  The whole upper arm situation - which the model doesn't seem to have - would have to be under some sleevage.

Which brings me to this from J Jill...

Which I could wear over it but I'm a little afraid looks like a PJ top.

And this...


I like that a lot but I'm afraid I would look like a slob.  I love that look and rumpled works so well on some people.

I see celebrities do it all the time.  They look professionally wrinkled, and it looks casual, so intentional.  Every time I try it I look like I slept in the shirt.

So what do you guys think?  


Babes Mami 8/12/10, 12:30 PM  

Ok...I'm going to hunt for you a few options I like. One...short sleeve boleros/shrugs are your friend for upper arm situations. Fitted bodices or cinching work for waists, that first one needs a belt and a shrug of some kind. The second one is nice but it's summer. The cardigan...oh how I LOVE cardigans, if you do up the middle ones, perfect waist cinch, lightweight so push up the sleeves and go. OH! A nice belt around the black one with a cardigan in a matching color but unbuttoned would look great!

LivewithFlair 8/12/10, 12:43 PM  

I'd say show your gorgeous arms!

sandy petals 8/12/10, 1:01 PM  

The black dress looks very comfy, the white top looks more like maternity clothes ( nothing wrong with that when you are expecting but not for any other time), and I love the last one, but I agree, the rumpled look on me resembles the morning after I slept on the sofa. Don't feel lonely, I have to do the same thing and I hate shopping.

Sheila Sultani 8/12/10, 1:13 PM  

The good thing is that there are a ton of lightweight 3/4 length and short sleeve cardigans you could wear with that dress. You could even wear the dress a lot just changing the sweater to change your whole look. I found some great sweaters at old navy.

Lidian 8/12/10, 3:08 PM  

I love the dress and the cardigan, love them! The white top not so much, but I don't know why (I am never going to be a good fashion blogger!)

Sandy 8/12/10, 5:57 PM  

I LOVE the dress! Very classic looking :) I'd wear a short sleeve or 3/4 length top of some sort with it. Very nice!

Maureen 8/12/10, 6:24 PM  

Even before I read what others had to say, I thought the 1st one with a open knit 3/4 sleeve shrug. Although I experience the same issues as you so.... so I don't know if you should listen to me.

Mimi 8/12/10, 8:00 PM  

I know I'm in the minority here, but I like #2. The top would be cute with some black stretchy pants and you could wear some kick-ass shoes and chunky jewlery. It's all about the shoes!

Tara Beaulieu 8/12/10, 9:16 PM  

I'm way big into dresses these days. Especially ones that have an empire waistline. It hides SO many lumps and bumps and is even easier than jeans and a t shirt because it's only one thing. Old navy makes a lot of cotton dresses with varying degrees of leg length AND arm lengths. I buy some of the shorter ones and wear them with pants (jeans) undeneath, which would give you the look of that J Jill top and sometimes I tuck them into a pair of high boots, if it's fall or winter. I wouldn't stress it. I think you'll be pretty damn impressed with yourself when you get into some new clothes and get to see the new body you've got after all the weight you've taken off.

Believe me, I KNOW that comfy is, well, comfy. I hate getting dressed out of my pjs. But there really are some pretty damn comfy clothes out there these days that are actually meant to be worn in public. ;)

Can't wait to see what you choose!

ladyjanewriter 8/12/10, 9:39 PM  

There is a brand called "Comfy USA" which I adore. I ended up getting some pieces by this brand at Viva La Femme, a plus-sized clothing boutique here in Chicago, but they also make regular sized.

The beginning of this blog post shows some stuff I bought awhile back for job interviews - you know, those thingies I've given up on? Heh.

Irene 8/13/10, 1:24 AM  

ahh...I love the dress! I could not wear it because of my flabby arms(and I am being nice here describing my arms, believe me....sigh) but I still love it! And I also vote for the third outfit...way cute and chic looking!
Btw...are you going somewhere fun? Fancy? and are you going sans kiddos?? If so, I am jealous. Just for the record.

Da Dude 8/13/10, 9:51 AM  

How about a leather corset with a leather micro mini skirt? 8 inch heels...

Oppps! Sorry wrong blog. LOL

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