The Crazy Suburban Mom: But back to my cold sores...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

But back to my cold sores...

Broke down and went to the doctor this morning because I had an explosion of cold sores yesterday. And oh yeah.  I can't breath.   Predictably, I left with a deck of prescriptions. 

But back to the cold sores.

Oh come on already with them.  On my face? Not just both sides of both lips.  I have them on my face this time. I have to say that again because I just can't believe it. I have them on my face?

I get that the breathing thing is a big deal, my doctor was very concerned about it.  (Always is.)  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to say, I'd have to be breathing a lot worse then this to go into a hospital. 

There are three doctors in the practice:

1.  The sunny blond who always ends up seeing me when I need some gross thing lanced.

2.  The one who owns the practice who always ends up seeing me for something just strange (last thing was a tetanus shot because I stepped on a rusty spike in my own back yard).

3. The one I can never breath around and my asthma always falls on her watch.

Guess who I saw this morning?

So I'm trying to explain that I was actually worse Sunday and I wouldn't even be here if I had more meds home and would you just look at these cold sores?

And no, I didn't know I had a fever but how 'bout these cold sores? She was all about the lung business and came at me with a stethoscope but for real, naked ears can pick up the wheezing.

My lungs sound like a drowning accordion.

That won't shut up about it's cold sores. 


Susie Homemaker 8/18/10, 1:38 PM  

I sure hope you feel better soon...

Cold sores too.

Breath easy,

Gabriele Agustini 8/18/10, 6:06 PM  

Cold sores SUCK!!
Feel better soon! I mean it!


J Sedai 8/18/10, 6:26 PM  

oh no! start getting better. cold sores on your face are NOT FAIR, that's fighting dirty if I ever saw it.

I usually get "Dr who only half listens to me no matter what I say". I'm testing this theory out later when I go in for my 3rd ankle check up, I'm going to throw out that flying monkeys keep coming and hitting it with baseball bats, just to see if the guy is actually listening. seriously 10 weeks and the sprain is not healed!

vange 8/18/10, 9:41 PM  

Well, you made my day seem better!

Hope you feel better soon.

Vonlipi 8/18/10, 10:19 PM  

On your face? ON YOUR FACE??? I would so freak out! But take care of the breathing, ok? more important than giant cold sores on your face! It's probably due to the fact that you have to leave your haouse next month, no joke!

Theres just life 8/19/10, 2:30 AM  

I prone to cold sore too. I hate hate HATE them. I would keep going but I'd probably crash the site with all the hate.
The breathing thing is not fun either. I hope you get well soon.
And if they gave you the cream for the cold sores it is GREAT. Put it on at the first sign of a tingle. If you get them you know what I mean. The sores either don't even form or go away quick.

lacey - a sweet pea chef 8/19/10, 2:42 AM  

Awww, not on your face?! Sorry, get well soon :)

Christy 8/19/10, 10:06 AM  

I get cold sores, too. Typically in the winter or when I am VERY stressed. I hope you feel better soon and that the prescriptions work quickly.

ladyjanewriter 8/19/10, 8:45 PM  

@Tracy - awe man, I hope this cold breaks, soon.

@ J. - Yes, we need to come up with the craziest story possible to Dr. Half-Listening, M.D. I think the flying monkeys should shoot lazers that run on Mountain Dew.

Lin 8/19/10, 11:14 PM  

My friend gets cold sores and she has some medication that she applies right when she feels one coming on and it KILLS it right then and there. She swears by it. You want the name???

Crap. I hope you feel better.

Uh, could you just name me the freaking winner of that damn cuisinart thingy already??? I will make Ginger something yummy--I promise.

Russ 8/20/10, 10:36 AM  

I'm not trying to be a know it all. But I feel you may need to go to a Rheumatologist. It could be auto immune problem. They can tell right away.

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