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Friday, August 27, 2010

A break from life...

And now a break from life for some virtual shopping 'cause sometimes I just need a break from laundry, taking out the garbage and running after Ginger with the pee-pee spray.

My love affair with J. Jill continues and we are now going steady so J. ( we are on a first name basis and are going to dinner and a movie this week-end) sent me the new catalog.

I might even be willing to hand wash that I love it so much.

And look, at the Pure Jill stuff.

I love it, I could sleep in this stuff...

Not that I would sleep in it...

Okay, I'm lying....

I totally would sleep in it. But I'd so wear it out.  

If I went anywhere that involved leaving.

And they still might have my favorite purses, ever.  Something about their bags.  And these be still my 12 step purse addicted heart are on sale...

And now back to the pee-pee spray...


Babes Mami 8/27/10, 12:51 PM  

I could get down with that pink bag!

J Sedai 8/27/10, 7:37 PM  

that pink bag is cute, and I read/heard somewhere that if YOU are "roundish" that you should carry a geometric (squarish) bag so as not to add more roundness. also, that's a good mark down!

Theres just life 8/27/10, 7:56 PM  

Okay we have the same taste in clothes as well. I'm with you on the hand wash thing. I hate it, but for that top...

HELP...I'm beginning to think hand washing isn't so bad.
You evil person. Why did you have to tempt me like this?

Leslie 8/27/10, 8:57 PM  

oh oh oh!! I LOVE the white one!

Mom 8/27/10, 11:22 PM  

Wow, that must be some serious clothing love for you to consider handwashing! It would also have to be about $10 for me to go down that road. Clothes are not allowed to come live with me if I can't toss 'em in the wash. But that top sure is cute!

Anonymous,  8/28/10, 8:40 PM  

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Maureen 8/28/10, 9:25 PM  

Your sleep wear choice is much different than Ms. V's!

Lin 8/28/10, 10:50 PM  

I like J.Jill too--but only in the catalogs. You have to be tall and willowy to wear their stuff--neither of which am I. Sigh. I find myself turning to Sundance Catalog instead--jewelry always fits. :)

Debbie 8/29/10, 5:26 PM  

I hope J. cheats on you with me. Just saying.

Gabriele Agustini 8/29/10, 10:16 PM  

I like her clothes too!
And they're perfect for accessorizing with a colorful scarf! (I'm the Scarf-Lady. :)
Very cool bags!

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