The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekend round-up, whole lotta shakin' and the doody rug...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend round-up, whole lotta shakin' and the doody rug...

1. Pandora - I haven't driven Pandora all week.  See number 2.

2.  A whole lotta shakin' going on -  I'm getting rid of some of my furniture.   I had too much and it makes the place feel small.  And cluttered.  Mongo gave up her apartment this week and that's what got this rolling.  I'm switching out my sofas with hers - which are smaller - and since most of her things are being donated to a charity I asked if the truck would swing by and get some of my stuff.

Some of it they are.  Some I've freecycled, some things I just had to dump and some is ...Well, look.


Transition, I'm calling it.


I took everything out of large storage pieces so bags and boxes line every wall of every room at the moment.


This guy turned up a few days ago.

Funny, I didn't know I was packing a Pinata...   I'm trying very hard not to think about this.  I've worked so hard on decluttering and now look...   Because, I can't.   A person could sob for hours over something like this.


Not that I did.  Okay I did, but it wasn't hours.



I did find the Wii Fit though.


 Ginger was hiding it under the couch along with her collection of dirt, hair, Tazzy feathers, and Snausages.  

And speaking of Ginger.  See number 3.

3.  The Doody Rug -    Twice, really?


So what you're telling me here is it wasn't bad enough that this week was over one hundred degrees with the humidity of a fish tank and I was moving furniture, Ginger?

Burned forever in my memory as Hot Flash Fest 2010... So I  have to deal with the summer of pouring sweat and what? Dog Doodyganza 2010, too?

Once is an accident Ginger, but twice?  Twice is just mean.  


Christy 7/10/10, 8:45 AM  

I had already decided today would be a cleaning day for me. There is one closet in particular which falls out on top of me when I open the door. You have now further inspired a closet tackle!

Lin 7/10/10, 10:18 AM  

Is it because she is getting older?? You may need to put a training pad for her or something. I know Ginger, and I just know she wouldn't do it on purpose.

Anonymous,  7/10/10, 10:38 AM  


The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/10/10, 10:40 AM  

Christy, I'm working hard right with you.

Lin, I emailed you. Its partly age and partly that we got her when she was 4 and paper trained so going in the house was always good with her. Good thing I love that dog to pieces is all I got to say.

Anon - ditto

Tara Beaulieu 7/10/10, 10:42 AM  

I think it's something about not wanting to go out in this heat that gets us doing bizarre things indoors instead! Not only did I bake twice this week and cook a hot meal every night, I cleaned yesterday. The kind of clean you do when the Queen is popping in for tea. Hands and knees scrubbing, dusting every single stupid surface, knick knack and thingamabob. I even washed windows. (well the insides of them anyway).

Don't shed one more tear over your mess, it's a temporary mess due to furniture comings and goings and you know that! You'll be settled again soon.

Poor Ginger. I don't think she's pooping on your rug on purpose. She doesn't seem like she hates you that much ;) I bet she's not feeling well, maybe the heat is getting to her too?

And I am SO jealous you own a Wii Fit. I wish I had the money to buy one... this morning I am officially 3 pounds lighter than I was the day I came home from the hospital after having my 4 year old. Eww.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/10/10, 10:48 AM  

Tara - Oh you totally might be right about the outside hot/do things inside thing. But I'm so overwhelmed. Last week it did not look like this and now it looks like a house on the show Cops. And Ginger yes, its probably the disarray and drama. For real, she gets an upset stomach the days the lawn guys are here - the noise an commotion upsets her. She used to vomit... now she just barks and gags. But you know she still doesnt deal well with commotion so sure - could be all this stuff thats got her system in an uproar.

for real, its got my system in an uproar too... I might poop under the dining room table if it lasts much longer. sheesh

Oh and I totally know what you mean about baby weight - when I started weight watchers last year I was at my delivery weight and my kid was 18 so...yeah.


ps - if i poop under the dining room rug I will not be updating this post

Babes Mami 7/10/10, 11:11 AM  

ohhh you ;]

Lois 7/10/10, 12:00 PM  

Love your blog! Maybe she thinks the green rug is grass! HA HA Lois

Maureen 7/10/10, 1:13 PM  

Moving furniture in this weather? Are you crazy? Uh...wait...ya, your blog name says so.

Theres just life 7/10/10, 8:23 PM  

Wow this looks like my first house when I was moving out. I seriously considered just getting in the car and driving away.

Rae Ann 7/11/10, 8:41 PM  

#3? Bwahahahaha! I SO sympathize! It has been non-stop rain here in the desert(?!) and my delicate flower of a pom doesn't like to get her dainty self wet. Lots of poops. Blarg.

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