The Crazy Suburban Mom: Sesame coated cream cheese filled bricks didn't get me a daily planner...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sesame coated cream cheese filled bricks didn't get me a daily planner...

Between organizing my house, organizing myself and Pee Em Ess I had a meltdown last night at Seven Pee Em.

And I'm not even kidding.

I was at the computer last night doing those shoulder wracking sob things because after ten hours of going though tons of junk,  taking breaks only for sustenance (more about that later) and to surf the world  for the perfect paper planner, I still live in what looks like a crack house and don't have a planner.

My family looked up to stare at me in a state of, huh?  And when I blubbered about the planner their understanding increased to - Um, what?

Not that they didn't notice something was up with me yesterday what with the three bagels and the quarter pound of scallion cream cheese and that half a crumb cake I was putting away with a backhoe because all the clean stuff was in the dishwasher and I was too busy to unload it.

Fortunately we ran out of cream cheese.

At some point in a cream cheese induced stupor I ordered the Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal

Of course,  it's not a planner so it really doesn't advance me in the planner search,  it doesn't have a calendar.

Now I don't know what to do.  I just wanted it so bad because it's the coolest thing ever, right?

But now what do I do...  Do I get a Moleskine calender and carry the two of them - of course I don't know where I would even got one this late in the year so - now... I don't even know what to do.  And how do I carry them - together in a cohesive 'package'.

And I'm definitely going to lay off the bagels.  I feel like I ate sesame coated cream cheese filled bricks.


Amy 7/19/10, 7:50 AM  

I, too, have done the PMS impulse buying in the midst of tears and face-stuffing. I usually keep the items to remind me, when the same situation comes around again, of the danger of being online in that state of mind. And then, when the situation rolls around again, I say, 'But that was a stupid purchase...I really NEED this!" and order anyway.

Anonymous,  7/19/10, 11:29 AM  

I use Amy Knapps Family Organizer. I too get frustrated with the sheer volume of products and nothing "fits" exactly.

Lindalou 7/19/10, 11:31 AM  

Your writing just cracks me up. Sorry you had the meltdown...but I love your imagery.

Babes Mami 7/19/10, 12:37 PM  

I keep wishing I could pick up and come to you for the weekend to help and bust it out! Or at least try!

Maureen 7/19/10, 12:52 PM  

Wish I could help. I'm in a kind of anti-planner mode. Actually anti-schedule. After a lifetime of living by the clock and racing through life, when my last daughter graduated last year, I threw mine away.

Tara Beaulieu 7/19/10, 2:29 PM  

Mmmm, sesame coated cream cheese filled bricks. I'd eat that.

J Sedai 7/19/10, 7:19 PM  

I would settle for a planner that was small to carry around but large enough to write in, so it needs to be like the inside of Mary Poppins purse basically. because I hate having to try to type into those electronic thingers, because, really, I did not learn how to type with all TEN of my fingers to be reduced down to just my THUMBS!!

also, you sound like me when my "aunt" shows up, I swear she makes me eat everything in sight!

ladyjanewriter 7/20/10, 1:41 AM  

ugh, I hate the meltdowns. I mostly get the psycho bitch from hells, tho.

But. The graphic at the end is made of EPIC WIN.

Christy 7/20/10, 8:25 AM  

You and me both sister. Last night I was in full on zombie mode. I have not yet gotten my lovely monthly visitor but expect it today. My head is aching, I'm exhausted and it feels like someone punched me several hundred times in the back. In addition, reading your post about cream cheese and planners has caused me to become a blubbering mess here in the office. Know you are not alone. *Sniffle*

Lynette 7/20/10, 9:37 AM  

Next time call me...I will save you from that yummmy food...I mean useless eating.
Planner???? Hummmm.....
I use a big desk calender that sits under my keyboard.
Heck I live at this desk.

Lynette 7/20/10, 9:38 AM  

BTW you get your book in the mail yet?

Petula 7/20/10, 9:54 AM  

Oh my, I can totally relate. I did the heaving sobs while I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday. Combination of PMS (I love the way you spell that) and depression. Now, the planner? I've come in late in the game so I don't know where you've looked, but have you tried MomAgenda. I think I have that name right. I totally understand the search for the right planner. It's a mission of mine every.single.year.

Oh and I'm not going to tell you about my current organizational projects, which don't seem to mesh well with depression and the desire to get it right. Again, I understand. Good luck organizing and finding that planner. It's out there. Don't give up.

Linda @ A La Carte 7/20/10, 10:21 AM  

Just love your writing. Cracked me up. I came to visit from the wonderful Vonlipi!!

Cassie 7/21/10, 12:48 AM  

Check Etsy for planners. Most sellers customize everything so they can be done at any point in the year.

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