The Crazy Suburban Mom: My house threw up

Monday, July 12, 2010

My house threw up

I know I'm making some of you guys nervous with pictures of clutter.    I'm not even sure how this big mess happened.  I was trying to make my house neater and it threw up.

And yeah, me too if you want to know  the truth, LOOK AT THIS PLACE!

Near as I can figure....


This pantry and bookcase started the clutter dominoes falling about a week ago.


And somehow - Abracadabra!  That corner got me to here.


But that bookshelf that started the whole downward spiral?

037 so going.

Anything that could cause all of this must be evil.


Amy 7/12/10, 12:00 PM  

Aw, don't punish the bookcase! :)

Maureen 7/12/10, 12:26 PM  

It's crazy how that happens! I do it all the time....start with something minor and then turn the house upside down!

Lisa B. 7/12/10, 12:29 PM  

At my house it seems like to declutter you have to make a really huge mess first. I dont understand how I do it, it just seems to happen. Once the huge mess is there, it will get better but it takes me all day to make the huge mess! Then another day to make it go away.

Pollyanna 7/12/10, 5:06 PM  

My clutter bonanza starts the moment my family walks in the door. Seems like so much more makes its way in than ever makes it out. I keep saying "one room at a time", but gosh darn it, one won't stay clean long enough for me to finish another!

rochelle@mom-says 7/12/10, 10:01 PM  

Whoah!That's a lot of decluttering to do.

Janiss 7/12/10, 10:28 PM  

Tracy, trust me, you have clutter but you do not have the Black Belt of clutter because that definitely belongs to yours truly. My clutter makes yours look merely frayed around the edges. I was going to tackle it this past weekend, while Brian was out of down doing a show in North Dakota, but unsurprisingly, I came down with a sinus cold/ allergy attack severe enough to put me in bed for the better part of two days. Can you say your clutter did that to you?

Lin 7/12/10, 10:58 PM  

I'm thinking a match is the solution, Tracy.

Jen Archer,  7/13/10, 2:08 AM  

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suzieQ 7/13/10, 4:54 PM  

I love house threw up. I tell people that I am domestically challenged to excuse my poor housekeeping skills. The problem is, I just don't care. Having a neat as pin house would be nice, if my "wife" would do it, but, you lookin' at me? I just don't want to use the energy that it entails to have an immaculate house.

Enjoy your humor, need to get a blog of my own going too.

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