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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clutter! Mess! Chaos! Hold on to your babies!

Seems I set my neat friends to twitching yesterday and hey, I get it.  Looking at that post gave me a double-quarter pounder with cheese of a migraine, SUPERSIZED.  And I'm used to it.

I looked over the comments and um, emails about yesterday's post.  This one, here.   The one where I wanted to get some help with the pantry version fifty-two card pick up.



And the shelves sitting next door...


But I don't think you ran for your babies till I posted the other pictures...




Hmmm, thats a whole other set of cluttered fa la la then yesterday's but tomato tomahto, right?


All of those pictures WEREN'T TAKEN YESTERDAY!  

They were a bunch of pictures taken over my TOTAL decluttering history.  But I think you guys had the same reaction as me...  

Once all those pictures hit the decluttering area of your brains, a place I like to call the Declutterossum Oblongata, it shorted out and you guys stopped reading.  Don't blame ya.  I couldn't read much with that migraine aura.

I'm still sorting through the comments and emails but, yeah - Shelf by shelf for sure.  A lot of people said that. 

I've gotten some great links via email for organizing products.  Part of the issue is the shelves are wire so I can't really sit some of the products on where they won't wobble, if that makes sense.  I may have to actually lay shelves on the shelves which seems, I dunno - Redundant.

Enjoying the help. Obviously, I need it so keep it coming if you can think of any more.

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Babes Mami 7/1/10, 11:45 AM  

I liked the idea of laying wood on the shelves that we talked about but what about either ripping the shelves out and starting with wood units or using clear acrylic sheets so it's a little more uniform looking. Maybe? I don't think your house looks like that all the time. I am still tempted to attempt to get to Jersey before winter and let the baby get lost and we can find him as we go through everything lol then you can feed me!

Amy 7/1/10, 12:24 PM  

I tried to comment yesterday, but couldn't figure out how without a blogger ID. I figured it out, so here's my advice. Dump the whole thing...empty it all out, then, toss the expired gotta have something that's expired in there! Then, as you put it all back, put the snacks and things the kids need/want at kid level. Things that only you use like the Ziplock and aluminum foil, etc up to. Stack it pretty. :) Put all the like items together, and see if there is anywhere you can rehome any of it. And finally, don't buy another snack until you guys have eaten all the snacks you have in the pantry.
By the way, nice to read another Jersey blog! I thought I was the only Jersey Mama putting it all out there on the web! :)

Mom Mayhem says: 7/1/10, 2:09 PM  

We've been doing some decluttering around here too -It is hard to get and keep everything organized! Oh and BTW -Joy in Joisey -Ha! Love it! :)

T Minut 7/1/10, 2:58 PM  

Pretend you're packing for a move maybe? That's always helped me - well, okay, I really DO move a lot. I love it because I get rid of so much.

Campbell Jane 7/1/10, 4:02 PM  

Don't feel too bad. I've been there before when the kids were little & I worked 60+ hours a week. I hired a housekeeper. haha
I can't hire a housekeeper now. When I clean house I start w/ an empty laundry basket & anything that doesn't belong in the room I'm cleaning I put it in the basket, next room anything in the basket that goes there I take out, what doesn't belong goes in. When I've hit all the rooms the basket is empty & everything is in it's place.
Also I tell myself, cleaning that sink will only take 1 minute, clearing off that counter will only take 3 minutes, painting that wall will only take 1 hour, etc... when I figure how many minutes a chore will take somehow it doesn't seem so overwhelming & I get it done. Sometimes I fool myself on the minutes but I'm usually pretty close!

Debbie 7/1/10, 8:32 PM  

Declutterossum Oblongata! HAHAHAHAHA!

VanillaSeven 7/1/10, 10:23 PM  

That condition won't stay with me more than a week. I am a clean freak when it comes to my home.

Thanks for dropping by and gave your comment.

If you want your eggs to be runny, boil it for about 3 mins, if you want slightly firm, 5 mins. Sprinkled the water with a pinch of salt. Eat the eggs with pepper, salt or soya sauce to your liking.

Christina 7/2/10, 5:26 PM  

That's about what my basement looks like right now, so no judgement here. : ) I've been procrastinating working on it...

btw, is that a Vera Bradley bag I spy? lucky...

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