The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekend round-up, where's Tazzy and the weird James Bondian evil power grid nexus

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend round-up, where's Tazzy and the weird James Bondian evil power grid nexus

1. Pandora  As much as she's a giant gas guzzling pain in my wallet and as much as her power lift gate works - What was that technical term - intermittently I love the power lift gate when it's power lift gating.

Tuesday while I walking to my house with a weeks worth of grocerys in my arms and a coupla cans o'soup strapped to each ankle it was really nice to be able to close the lift gate with my teeth.

After a few chews.

Which brings me to my new feature - it's up there on the link bar on the right...

taz in van

Today Tazzy is troubleshooting the rear lift gate.

Mulch   Thursday the lawn guys mulched the neighborhood.  Oh goody!  Now the whole neighborhood smells like the doody rug, not just my dining room.  For anyone who doesn't know what the doody rug is, ask Ginger.

peeking ginger

She knows.

3.  The cable box  We have three TV sets  so - three cable boxes; one never worked.  I finally called for a replacement and when the second one didn't work either they sent a guy out.

He did some general repair-type futzing downstairs and then asked to take the replacement box upstairs to try on another TV.  Upstairs, really? UPSTAIRS?

I've never had a working cable box on a full third of my TV's.  I had to  clean the entire downstairs (Let me not start on how much I hate open floor plans)... and now, NOW I find I was supposed to clean upstairs too?

And it was bad...

But the worst thing happened next...

...always to be remembered as The Great Black Out of Somerset County 2010....

 When he pulled the power cord out of my cable box, I mean as he pulled the cord out all the power in my house went out and he's all, "Did your power just go out?"  I'm not answering.  I'm sobbing because I was online with a ton of unsaved stuff when yes, THE POWER WENT OUT. 

So he goes outside to call his boss, He will be here a while, the customers power just went out, something happened when he pulled the cord, power surge, wires, short circuit...blah blah blah whatever...  I'm still sobbing.

Eventually all the neighbors start milling around because...


He comes back and is all,  My boss says powers out clear to Bound Brook New Jersey!

Did his boss say, "Dude! Get out of that house fast because there is some weird James Bondian evil power grid nexus going on in there and you so don't want to be there when New Jersey lift's itself  off the East Coast and switches places with Hawaii....


But that's what I would have said.


Lin 6/5/10, 12:07 PM  

I love Ginger. I do. Why do I think the Doody Rug isn't a good thing? Or maybe it is..........for Ginger.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/5/10, 12:12 PM  

The doody rug is a horrible thing but the only thing worse would be buying a new rug in which case I would have a Brand New Doody Rug.

And a post called - Son of doody rug.

and why bother?

Vonlipi 6/5/10, 12:51 PM  

When I win the loto (you might notice that I didn't write 'IF', I'm sending you $$$ so you can get floors, hardwood floors so they will guessed it doody floors!

hihihi Tazzy is so cute troubleshooting Pandora!

Babes Mami 6/5/10, 3:34 PM  

I love the smell of hardwood mulch...mmmm :]

Janiss 6/5/10, 6:12 PM  

Aw man! I was eating lunch when I pulled up this comment thread. I'm totally not hungry anymore. I didn't need the rest of that salad anyhow.

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