The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekend round-up, tsunamis of nausea, evil baby bunnies and a rock with personality

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend round-up, tsunamis of nausea, evil baby bunnies and a rock with personality

1.  Pandora   I used to have a wire hanging down by the exhaust pipe.  I kept scooching it back up under the bumper and it kept falling back down.

Yes, I should have brought her back to fix that wire and yes, I still have the back lift gate to deal with but whenever I picked up the phone to call Chrysler I thought I'd vomit. So I spent a few thousand hours waiting for  the tsunamis of  nausea to subside...

Which was never.

So yeah, the wire.  I don't know know what happened.  It broke I guess.

And me, my excuse is I just wanted to not have to say, Yo, me with the big blue money pit on wheels again.... for a few months.  I mean, is that so bad? In retrospect that, like almost everything about Pandora was...


...a bad idea.

Not a clue what that one wire, now two, used to be but I have to take Pandora through her first inspection ever this month and I am sure - Oh, I am sure - that whatever that wire is, it's going to cause me to #FAIL inspection.

2.  Catdog   One of Ginger's favorite things to do is to sit around on the tippy tops of furniture.  I don't even notice anymore but when someone visits they say, Oh how funny! Just like a cat!  And yeah, it is...


It's easy to catch a shot of her there because she will watch the outside perched all day if I leave the door open.  Ginger's an old girl but if any of those evil baby bunnies hop by...


...she wants to know about it...

3.  The Guitar Containment Facility aka my kids room .  There will probably be an update on this soon as my designer (aka the guy who power washes my house) has some room in his schedule to work on it again.   The plan is to add the wall shelving and hopefully do something with the closet.


The closet organizing is where I think we should go first but there are issues.  I can't  find a closet organizer I can afford and I can't find a closet organizer that will be half closet and half office space.

And that is really what he needs.  And it's driving me - I mean him, nuts.  Well, okay it's driving me nuts because everything that needs to be in his room is in my living room.  Like this stuff...


That is his paper work and his birthday gifts...


I don't recall what this was...

But this is the rock with personality...


and it needs to be out of my living room...

So to wrap up....

Anyone got any solutions to get the rock with personality out of my living room.... 


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imelda 6/19/10, 12:09 PM  

whew i have no idea, too lol. happy weekend

Anonymous,  6/19/10, 12:27 PM  

Put it on the front steps as the official greeter for your home!

Anonymous,  6/19/10, 12:29 PM  

Take wire clippers and snip the wire up high on each side.

Maureen 6/19/10, 12:59 PM  

I think you should put the rock outside just far enough that Ginger thinks its a bunny!

*A.J* 6/20/10, 7:46 AM your newest follower...ur blogs pretty interesting...follow me up on my blog on

Debbie 6/20/10, 2:38 PM  

Love the dog photos!
I also read the last post about your son. He sounds like someone who is destined to be happy and productive. Sounds like you have a good one there!

Lin 6/21/10, 10:08 PM  

Oh, that Ginger! No wonder I love her--she's a Cat/Dog!! I think she and I could be really, really good friends. And I would help her spot the bunnies through the window.

jan 7/2/10, 5:59 PM  

Ginger is adorable - and your blog is literally THE best blog I've ever read. I say send the rock with personality around the world, one person at a time - you send it someone, they have to send it someone else, etc. Give him a name & send him packin'!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/3/10, 8:04 AM  

Jan, Well first - that comment of yours made my day 'cause omg - how could it not? And as for the comment about the rock... That is hysterical.

And I think I just might have to say that! LOL


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