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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Retro Turquoisday

Yesterday while looking through some vintage magazines I was, as always, turquoise with envy.

ge kitchen 1955

I decided to do something radical and look at a new magazine;  Elle Decor from this May...

I know, right?

elle decor may 2010

And really, more?  More turquoise?

elmira stove works elle decor ad

This ad for The Elmira Stove Works  about did me in. I went to their site.  I looked at what they had, the colors...  Oh. The. Colors.  I made that word colors a link but listen - a warning -  if you go you will see things like this:

My mother had one of these...

I thought it was stupid.

Did a lot of eye-rolling when friends came over and saw 'the huge ugly pink thing.'   I was not a bright kid.  I'm sure it's in a New Jersey landfill now with all the pink appliances.

I have to stop.

I'm welling up...

So maybe don't go visit  Elmira Stove Works  cause you're gonna  kick your current appliances in the shins.  Save all your stainless stuff the pain of rejection.

And the broken toe.  Take my word on that one. 

After several cleansing breaths...

I needed to get out of the house; I needed air, man.  Clear un-turquoise air.  I drove around for a while and ended up at TJMaxx (warning cell phone pictures ahead)

Oh, the horror...


It's a turquoise-colored conspiracy 


As far as the eye could see...






It didn't matter what department..

tjmaxx colander





Not kitchen....

I loved, loved, loved the lawn and garden stuff.  I'm going to admit something here -  I love odd lawn stuff.  My housing association has issues with pink flamingos but I'm thinking...


"These guys are flat out art, dudes."

At least that's what I'll say in response to the cease and desist the lawn stuff  letter....

And nothing says crazy-fun like...


A disco ball mid-lawn...

Or fifty.

I loved these chairs. I thought they were VERY reasonable





This tested my love of turquoise.  And this...


Well, it's glass.  Kind of a watermelon with a face.   I think it's a pig.  I found it confusing.  Scary.  It was the oddest turquoise thing I'd encountered...


And that was truly sayin' something...


retrotuesay stamp

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Christy 6/1/10, 9:54 AM  

Haha, it is a good thing I'm already broke other this post and all the amazing retro items you found would be mine. Love it!

Vintage Christine 6/1/10, 10:01 AM  

Aaacckk! I've been so good about staying away from TJ Maxx and the $10 off coupon I've been carrying around in my wallet is going limp with exhaustion from being in there for so long, but now . . . Those chairs! Ta die fah!! Fire Mountain Gems bead catalog has already announced that turquoise is THE color right now. Well, duuuuuh.

Babes Mami 6/1/10, 11:15 AM  

This makes me want to investigate TJ Maxx again, I have been once with my little sister to get her school clothes about 5 years ago lol. In LOVE with the retro looking appliances!!

Vonlipi 6/1/10, 11:40 AM  

But have you seen the car I posted yesterday? It might make you want to ditch pandora even more!

A certain paint company, I don't know which one, announced that 2010 color of the year was...Turquoise what else?

we were in before it was trendy! I always liked aqua, turquoise and always will!

Carole 6/1/10, 1:15 PM  

Wow, I can't believe it but I love those turquoise chairs and the turquoise stove - they are awesome!!!

Bossy Betty 6/1/10, 1:19 PM  

It's coming back, Baby and I am ready!!

J Sedai 6/1/10, 6:14 PM  

I have the same problem with green and yellow, I try to branch out and include orange and blue sometimes but there's ALWAYS green and yellow, in my living room, my bed room, the entry, my kitchen has touches of a country red, but again, green and yellow prevail. I keep waiting to "out grow" it but I've been decorating my house (s) (I get to do a new one every 4ish years remember) for 11 years now, and it's always the same. Just give in, embrace it, but pair it with something to tone it down a bit, not for you, but for the other ppl that live in your house, cause when your DH comes in and says "It's a bit bright in here!" and then reaches for some shades, you know you've stepped over a line.

and don't feel too bad about the chicken, I've done that, SO much garlic that it's spicy!

Raen 6/1/10, 7:11 PM  

oooohhhh! TURQUOISE!!! love it!

Janiss 6/1/10, 9:34 PM  

Oh no, you told me NOT to go to the Elmira Stove Works too late. I clicked... now, my passion is red, not turquoise, and sometimes black - and the first thing I see is kitchen appliances in red AND in black! Oh man, I need to start rethinking this kitchen now...

Lin 6/1/10, 10:58 PM  

So, did you buy them? The undies, I mean.

And I just cannot get past the size of that meat in the first photo. It's like the freaking Flintstones for god sake!

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