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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tazzy floats me a loan


Where does she keep that debit card?

I love my mini-pain, Ginger but I also love birdies. I've lived with one most of my life; my dad had parakeets as far back as I can remember... There's just something about those little feathery guys.

Tazzy - Her proper name is Space Cataz; my kid named her - came into my life after my cockatiel, Noodle died. I started visiting pet shops just to be around the birds. Tazzy was the neediest bird I'd ever seen. She was alone in a cage; they had to separate her because the other birds picked on her.
The other cockatiels - obviously the feathered version of mean girls - pulled out all of her crest and tail feathers, as well as most of her wing feathers.

When anyone approached the glass cage she would run back and forth across the bottom.


I went back to the store twice.

I really thought something was wrong with her. I didn't think anyone would buy her.

Than I was afraid someone would.

The third time I went to the store I took her home. And what a mess she was.


This is not what a cockatiel is supposed to look like.

They have tall, proud crests with unmangled tails. And wing feathers. She's also had this crooked beak that made her look like she was smiling to the side.  She was an odd looking thing when I brought her home.

That was about three years ago. And Tazzy's adjusted. She's still needy but not anything like she used to be. She just likes to be held and scratched. Amazing really, since she had never been held until the day I reached into her cage at the pet store, grabbed her and plopped her on my wrist.

She didn't have much of a crest for a long, long time; more of a Mohawk really. And since she loved sitting on my son's shoulder and listening to rock music I started calling her my punk rockatiel.

And that's when the digital photography started. Innocently enough. I wanted to paint her pitiful crest feathers and make them beautiful...

And the rest is digital history.


Bossy Betty 6/7/10, 10:12 AM  

Oh, Tazzy needed you! At least you are painting digitally and not for real. Love that first picture!

Maureen 6/7/10, 1:05 PM  

Sounds like Tracy & Tazzy were meant to be!

Evil Twin's Wife 6/7/10, 8:34 PM  

I'm glad Tazzy found a wonderful, loving home. We have a parakeet. He's fairly well trained, but is a nipper sometimes.

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