The Crazy Suburban Mom: OH. COME. ON. ALREADY. OW.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I mentioned the spill I took this week in my Weekly Round-up but seems my little topple off the deck is kind of well, I don't even know what.

I don't know if anyone's had a car accident, ever?  But you sometimes get out of the car and feel fine and then over the next few days your muscles and everything else revolt until you are one giant ball of muscle spasms and pain plus a giant whining annoyance to everyone you come in contact with?

Not that you come in contact with that many people because they start to run when they see you coming because they don't want to hear your self-pity anymore...

That's pretty much where I am now.

For some reason the whole fall is getting worse, not better, and I'm waking up in a giant state of OW!OW!OW! every twenty minutes all night which I could stand because it didn't hurt during the day until today.  So now I'm basically in a state of OW!OW!OW! all the time.  But I'm alone cause who wants to hear that?

No one.

So um, yeah.  Ow.


Maureen 6/13/10, 1:41 PM  

I know exactly what you mean - delayed ouch!

J Sedai 6/13/10, 6:59 PM  

awe, I hate when no one wants to hear it, I mean we're MOM and we have to hear EVERYONE's ouch, the kids, the DH, the dog, the cat, the kids next door, our parents, our siblings kids, the list is never ending, but NO ONE EVER wants to hear our ouchies, and really how's that fair, or even NICE?

well I'm hearing your ouch, and if I were there I'd be bringing you ice packs or heating pads, or IBprofin or well, just letting you moan.

Lin 6/13/10, 8:04 PM  

I feel your pain! It does last longer as we get older. Hell, I get sore just sleeping now! You poor thing. :(

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