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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My pantry goes sweet and appley

 I'm expanding my pantry.


As I've said before, I need to keep everyone out of the grocery store. And hey, I'm not immune to the siren's call of a well stocked grocery but we are talking a matter of degrees.

While I might come home with the newest, improviest version of something I intended to buy anyway; other debit-carded parties might come home packing, oh, I dunno... A fifty pound wheel of cheese, nine boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, a push-mower, and a puppy.

Out of self-preservation (and because my dog, Ginger, hates puppies ) I'm expanding the pantry to include dessert items.  I used to focus on dinnerish-makings but a few weeks ago I realized, mistake.

I had a few, Surprise! We're here to show you 80 gigs of photos from our trip to the Ticonderga Pencil Factory, people over and needed something to go with coffee.

Since I didn't have the makings of a quick dessert I had two choices:

1.  Leave my guests and go get a coffee cake or

B.  Stay with my guests and send someone else which would result in the aforementioned coffee cake, a watermelon, 36 rolls of toilet paper, windshield wiper blades, three live lobsters.  And that puppy.

And believe me, Ginger here....


Wants nothing to do with puppies.

She's only got four teeth left but let a puppy loose in her home and she's like a hole-punch on a mission.

So I got the cake. 

Pantry items now include frozen pound cake, chocolate frozen muffin tops, chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk.

They last forever and go with things I already have in my pantry (like frozen fruit), and combine in tons of ways to make some great desserts. Around that time Mom Central asked, did I want to be part of The Tree Top Blog Tour? Apples? Oh, yeah...  I knew I could add those products to my new dessert pantry.  Go ahead and drop ship me an orchard!

And this is now a pantry staple...


White Chocolate - Apple Glazed Pound Cake

2 cups Tree Top Three Apple Juice Blend
1/2 cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
Frozen pound or other cake
Frozen blueberries

Add apple juice to a small pot and bring to a boil.  Reduce apple juice until you have about 1/4 cup - this will take a bit of time - at least 15 minutes but here's the thing.  When someone whips out 80 gigs of photographs featuring pencils?

I consider this 15 minutes well spent.
Let it cool a little; just so it's not boiling hot and then add the chips and condensed milk.  Cook on very low heat, whisking if you have a whisk - stirring frequently if you don't.... until everything is melty, smooth and yummy.

When you feel like you might want to wear this stuff.  It's ready.

You do not want this to boil, just come together.  A double boiler is probably made for this sort of thing... but I don't have one.  C'est la vie. 

Take your pantry pound cake out of the freezer, slice it artfully, throw on a few blueberries because... Well.  We all know dessert is primarily about getting in the antioxidants, right?  And spoon some of the sauce on. 

The sauce is really easy, sweet -  sort of vanillay more than chocolately with an appley finish.  I'm waxing ridiculous with the adjectives here so lets just say ambrosial and call it a day.

And because I was still in pantry mood  I made some pretty ice cubes with Mango Peach Trim.



A glass of seltzer and those cubes? 


With a few leaves frozen mid-cube...

 I didn't have mint so I used basil 'cause that's what I had and my life is about my pantry.  It used to be about going to the beach and buying eye-liner but apparently these days it's about pantry cooking.

I don't know what that even says about me but these pretty mango ice cubes sure made me feel special in a way eye-liner couldn't.

Okay, I'm lying.  Eye-liner made me feel pretty darned special but these cubes are a close second.

Those teeny basil leaves might sound funny but - they were really good.  Don't ask me why but the herby thing worked with the sweet mango, and the sparkly seltzer.  I packed up the rest of the cubes in a bag for another day.

And hopefully it will be a day that doesn't involve knowing more about pencils then I suspected there even was to know...

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Tree Top and received products necessary to facilitate my candid review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.*


Tammy 6/22/10, 2:37 PM  

That looks so yummy. I wish I was that creative with my baking. I have to follow a recipe. I can get creative with my cooking, but I have to follow a recipe excactly, when baking.

Vonlipi 6/22/10, 4:46 PM  

That is so funny! Sometimes even if I stare at my pantry for HOURS I can't find food to fix supper. But it's there, I just can't find any ideas.

People don't drop by my house to show me pics of are very lucky NOT!

In my 'I love Martha' phase a perfect pantry was so important to me...Now I keep plenty of canned and dried beans (beans,beans the musical fruit),tons of spices, grains and my freezer is full of pesto and peas and corn. But not much else...or so I think! LOL

That cake looks AMAZING! I nearly licked my screen (crazy people on diets!)

The Ginger pic made me smile!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/22/10, 7:00 PM  

Tammy, I didn't make that cake! No baking here - for real! There was only defrosting!

Vonlipi - yeah that picture makes it look really good. I know. And it's not good, not good at all for the diet but that's why I got the muffin tops which ARE good for the diet. Vita muffin tops are very diet friendly!

Maureen 6/22/10, 7:43 PM  

Now that's better (than this morning's post)!

Babes Mami 6/22/10, 9:44 PM  

Aren't you all kind of tasty amazing!!

J Sedai 6/22/10, 9:46 PM  

mmm cake with glaze (much preferred over frosting!). Too bad you didn't have any sharpened pencils around for stabbing!

vettech 6/23/10, 8:33 AM  

The cake looks great! You may want to keep a box of Bisquick baking mix in the pantry... you can make an awesome fast crumb cake with that and not much else. It's also good for biscuits, pancakes and quiches.

Momstart 6/23/10, 5:39 PM  

Oh wow, your recipes look so good. I need some cake now. Really I do.

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