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Monday, June 14, 2010

A well stocked pantry soup

I know there are a lot of saving strategies for the grocery budget but the only thing that works for me is staying a galaxy far, far away from those welcoming automatic doors and enticing loss leaders.

I dunno... Once that rarefied, grocery air hits me, I lose more resolve with each new and improved thing.

And it's ninety-eight feet thirty times worse if I send someone else to pick up eggs and Advil.   They come home with eggs, Advil, six flats of petunias, two carts of groceries and a trailer hitch pulling a new table and chairs for the deck and Oh, we still need to get the umbrella it wouldn't fit on the roof of the car.

For me a well-stocked pantry is the best defense because it keeps every one with a credit card away from the stores.

There are things I like to keep in my pantry at all the times so when I have to use up one semi-petrified chicken breast...

petrified chicken

I can.

That sad looking thing has been in my fridge, way the heck in the back down the road from Gdansk, for days. This morning I got together some of my pantry items and made soup.


I'm serving it later with grilled cheese.

It was easy, really delish, and...


... not a fresh veggie in the whole thing...

What can I say, the fresh veggie pickins' were slim but I always have those up there and these below..

frozen br rice

...bottom right.  I always have them in my freezer.

I like rice.  It's healthy.  It's filling.  It's  inexpensive and it's good for you. And brown rice is great for you and has tons of fiber.  Fiber is the new black, by the way...

Anyway, I make it in bulk, freeze it in portions (flat) and than stand the portions up like little rice soldiers waiting to go into pantry battle.  It's perfect really. 

Mom Central asked if I wanted to be part of an Uncle Ben's Brown Rice Blog Tour and they offered to send me the makings for more little rice soldiers, Was I interested?  Uh-huh.

The nice thing about having  rice in your pantry is that it works for so many things.  I made a great soup this morning but its just as easy to make a quick pilaf.  A quick saute with a few almonds in butter, than some diced onions, add the rice, maybe a bit of lemon zest...  the almonds...salt and pepper and....well, done.

And you can substitute a quarter amount of brown rice into a rice pudding easily. And if I get, What are the dark ones in this stuff?

I'm not beyond saying, Oh, those? Those are the chocolate rices...

All's fair in love and pickiness.

Fiber is the New Black Pantry Soup

12 cups water
2/3 cup of Uncle Ben's cooked brown rice
Whole jar of dried veggies
1 Tablespoon dried sliced garlic
2 Tablespoons chopped dried  onions
1 Tablespoon dried Parsley
2 or 3 Chicken bouillon cubes - or if you have soup stock you can just use that
Whatever left overs you need to use up

Add all ingredients to a large stock pot, bring to a boil and than reduce to a simmer.  Cook until dried ingredients are rehydrated and tender and rice has broken down a bit.  About an hour...

You may need to add more water.  And you can add other seasoning to this.  It's just a pantry springboard, have fun and please don't make this a calculus equation!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Uncle Ben’s and received samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Maureen 6/14/10, 1:23 PM the colder months I always try to have soup in the fridge. Makes for quick 'n healthy meal.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/14/10, 1:30 PM  

Maureen, The thing for me is, soup is really filling and the broth based soup low calorie dense. I try to eat is several times a week with my meals meals. And honestly I eat a salad too.

Its really helped with my weight loss.

A salad and a soup.. keeps me from eating too much potato salad... so even if I want things like potato salad, I eat them but I eat less...does that make sense?

Lynette 6/14/10, 3:20 PM  

that piece of chicken would have made it to my freezer stew pot....all the leftovers of meats, veggies, starches (like rice and tators) thrown in a freezer bowl. When it is full...take out....thaw...add stock and

Vonlipi 6/14/10, 8:19 PM  

That looks delish! I might try it soon as the weather is pretty cool here! Brrrr!

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