The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekend round-up, chicken S.O.S. and girly parts

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend round-up, chicken S.O.S. and girly parts

To my kid who reads this blog.  More about my trip to the gynecologist  so don't go here.

1.  Last week I sent out an S.O.S for chicken recipes because on Sunday I'd cooked a giant Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster bought for 89 ¢ a pound and a few pounds of leg quarters for 79 ¢ a pound.

I was trying to keep it cheap and easy so all I used on them was McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning...


and this...


I'd never seen Smokehouse Maple  but I thought it would give a nice sweetness in the background and  a nice brown on the outside.

The chickens came out really well.  I cooked them at 350 degrees and basted with whatever came off the birds.  No added anything.  I put the roaster up on a rack and since I only have one (rack) I put thick slices of onions and celery stalks along the bottom of the other pan to keep the parts up off that pan.  Plus it tastes good.


 Straight out of the jar the Smokehouse Maple
isn't a taste treat but it's not meant to be eaten out
of the jar, I was just... I don't know, being odd.

I think it did add a  nice smokey sweetness to the roasted chickens.


I got lots of great suggestions from everyone but I did this backwards.  I should have asked for the recipes AND THAN cooked chicken because I didn't have what I needed in my pantry so I'm going to take everyone's recipes and give it a whirl in a few weeks.  I got GREAT suggestions.

The only thing I ended up making was a chicken BLT...

chicken BLT

Which was, believe it or not - Light!

It was chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato plus Hellman's Light Mayo which I love and in my opinion is the only light mayo that doesn't taste like it came from the inside of a diaper - And a fabulous sub roll by Calandra  that's only 90 calories (Calandra may be local to NJ groceries but it's my favorite roll ever and crazy diet friendly)

I'm going to redo the whole chicken experiment using everyone's suggestions.

2.  I might go get Pandora this afternoon.


Or maybe not...

3.  There isn't anything about girly parts I just said that to keep my kid from reading.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a Rickenbacker guitar ...

And I know, I know.  Anyone who knows what they are is peeing their pants now 'cause they are laughing so hard.  But the thing doesn't even have to be in one piece, my kid can put it back together.  He really wants one and even on Craig's list they are thousands.

Personally, I don't get wanting one. more. guitar and if I had that much I'd replace Pandora but my kid say a Rickenbacker guitar is worth way more than Pandora.  

I don't know how much they are worth but I can't argue with a guitar being worth more than my van even if it was a guitar you could win at a carnival by tossing a ping pong ball into a gold fish bowl so he's got me there.

But he wants one and I thought maybe someone knew a magical guitar source I don't know about.


Vonlipi 5/15/10, 11:20 AM  

I'll have to check the Smokehouse Maple spice when I'm at the shore next weekend. I might try to ship the pink there'coz it might be cheaper,lol.

It's not your shore, it's my shore in Maine.

Maureen 5/15/10, 12:28 PM  

That chicken looks goooood!

J Sedai 5/15/10, 6:57 PM  

oo that chicken looks yummy! I think I'd just eat it as is for a week!
nom nom! and that smokehouse maple sounds divine, like BBQ without the mess!

Janiss 5/16/10, 1:24 AM  

No Rickenbacker leads - Brian is a Fender/ Gibson guy - but the mention made me think of the first guitarist I was involved with. He was a Rickenbacker guy. He also had at least one dobro. For being in a band that did not sell a whole heck of a lot of albums, he had some pretty nice equipment. Too bad he was kind of a jerk. Or maybe that's not really fair. We just wanted two different things: he wanted a friend with benefits and I wanted a relationship, but he couldn't understand why I broke it off with him. That was the jerky part. Great guitarist, though.

Russ 5/16/10, 6:09 AM  

Good luck at finding the guitar. I think you are going to need it. I'll keep my eyes open for one.

sandy 5/16/10, 8:35 AM  

The smoky sounds good, but wouldn't think or want to use steak seasoning on chicken? The red vs white meat thing. Interesting.

Plus I never cook a whole chicken, the only part I eat is the white meat; so only buy boneless breasts.

But, SIL loves chicken and eats no red meat so am going to pass along your idea to her. Think she'll enjoy it.

Nice coloring!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/16/10, 9:44 AM  

Vonlipi - If you can't find it let me know, I'll send it to you!

Maureen, it was really good. I think if I'd let it sit with the spices on it for a bit it would have been even better but I had no time...

J, Very much like that but not as sweet as I expected actually. Which worked actually because than it didnt burn in the oven. The oven stuffer roaster cooked a long time and something like bar-b-q sauce would have burned I think.

Janiss - My kid actually likes Gretsch guitars a lot. I did a custom mug for him with a brian setzer pic from a catalog for a gift once - tore him up! I think the rickenbacker is a fantasy for him. I just threw it out thinking it was possible there was a busted one out there... alhtough like I said, thousands!

Funny how for people who play guitars, the guitars are SO important... over lots of other things. Guitars come first sometimes I guess, which is kind of, yeah...jerky

Russ, I am going to need it!

Sandy - its not steak seasoning like A-1 ...they have a chicken seasoning which is really similar and I actually dont like as much so I just buy the montreal steak.

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