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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Very Long Voyage on the Good Ship What's in This Stuff

Photo_6424_20090515 The day my son came home from Jamaica and said, "Ma! I ate conch soup off the back of some guy's bicycle.  It's great, you should try it."  I knew I'd been taken for an excruciating eighteen year ride on the good ship what's in this stuff.  With taken being the operative word.
I wish there was a time machine and I could go back to give myself advice on picky kids; back to the very beginning.  Nineteen thousand seven hundred and ten freaking meals ago.  Think about it; three meals a day times eighteen years.  How many miles did I walk trying to find a hot dog at Disney without black stuff?  How many bowls of spaghetti with no sauce; just butter and nothing green around the edges, please -  did I pay full price for?  How many Low Salt Boar's Head baloney sandwiches on white bread, plain with no crusts?  Almost three thousand for school and daycare alone..... (Read the rest on NJ Moms Blog)


Babes Mami 5/31/10, 12:21 PM  

Loved the Cher bit! I try to make him eat whatever, on occasion I say whatever I can get in him is good enough. There have been a few lunches of sugar free pudding. Hoping I can stay strong on the eat what we eat or nothing when he's older.

Ali 5/31/10, 11:06 PM  

LOL - this post reminded me of my brother and some of the weird things he eats. The weirdest...? Peanut butter and Cap'n Crunch Cereal on white bread with mayonnaise. Yuck!

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Grampy 6/1/10, 8:37 AM  

That sounds like my granddaughter. The spaghetti,bologna and she does grilled cheese.

J Sedai 6/1/10, 6:01 PM  

your posts on your picky kid make me SO grateful of my non picky eaters! (also it reaffirms my belief in God, cause, he knows what I can handle and what I can't!)

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